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Lieutenant Colonel James Bullock

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Lt Col Bullock
Contact Information

(719) 333-6049



Lt Col James “Dave” Bullock is Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, USAF Academy, Colorado. He currently teaches Chemistry 100 and serves as Director of Support for the Chemistry Department.

Lt Col Bullock commissioned in 2006 through Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB, AL.  He earned his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico and later earned his Master's and Doctorate degrees in Chemistry from the University of Florida with an emphasis in organic electronic materials.  Lt Col Bullock has split his career between academia (teaching and research) and acquisition management.  Prior to his current position he was the Division Chief for Nuclear ISR at the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC).


PhD, Chemistry, University of Florida, Florida (2018)

MS, Chemistry, University of Florida, Florida (2011)

BS, Chemical Engineering, University of New Mexico, New Mexico (2004)

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO (2023-Present)

Division Chief, Nuclear ISR Systems, AFTAC Systems Development, Patrick Space Force Base, Florida (2022-2023)

Division Chief, Test Eval/Engineering, AFTAC Systems Development, Patrick Space Force Base, Florida ( 2021-2022)

Director of Operations, Nuke Materials Systems, AFTAC Systems Development, Patrick Space Force Base, Florida (2020-2021)

Deputy Division Chief, Research Integration, AFTAC Strategic Integration, Patrick Space Force Base, Florida (2018-2020)

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado (2014-2015)

Instructor, Department of Chemistry, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado (2011-2014)

CAG Action Officer, Air Armament Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (2009-2010)

Directed Energy Systems Engineer, Air Armament Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (2009-2009)

PGMPS Program Manager, Air Armament Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (2006-2009)

Honors & Awards

Meritorious Service Medal (2023)

Outstanding Academy Educator (2015)

Meritorious Service Medal (2015)

Chemistry Department CGOY (2014)

Air and Space Commendation Medal (2010)

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society (2003)

Research and Scholarly Interests

Organic chemistry



Organic electronics


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