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Dr. Jennifer Holt

Instructor of Geoscience

Department of Economics & Geosciences

Dr. Holt
Contact Information

(719) 333-3068



I am on rotation from the National-Intelligence Agency (NGA) where I served across the agency.  I joined NGA in 2005 in Source Foundations where I work with near surface geophysical systems to support Joint Task Force North.  I was the Research representative on community studies that used Modeling and Simulation to help to define future GEOINT systems.  Then was duel hatted as the Research International R&D Program Manger and work in R&D Functional Management coordinating across the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence.  Completed two Joint Duty Assignments: the first at the National Maritime Integration Office and the second at the Advanced Campaign Cell.  Spent time working NGA Strategy from a culture point of view.  Supervised three groups within the GEOCOM staff.  Worked a special assignment mentoring a new group working a community study.  My goal in each job is to leave it better than I found it for the next person and to learn something new.


My undergraduate degree is in Geophysical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.  I have a Masters Degree and a PhD in Geophysics from The Ohio State University.  I also have a Masters in Management and Leadership from Webster University.