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Dr. Thomas Koehler

Associate Professor of Meteorology

Department of Economics and Geosciences

Dr. Thomas Koehler
Contact Information

(719) 333-8712



Dr. Koehler came to the Air Force Academy in 1993 in the initial group of 15 regular civilian faculty members. He played a crucial role in developing the USAFA Meteorology Program that first offered a B.S. in Meteorology to cadets beginning with the Class of 1998. His primary focus has been in developing new courses and keeping course content up-to-date with the ongoing technological improvements in the science and practice of meteorology. Dr. Koehler has also contributed to the development of courses in geospatial reasoning and applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Master of Science, Meteorology, University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Bachelor of Science, General Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Professional Experience

Associate Professor of Meteorology, Department of Economics and Geosciences, United States Air Force Academy. Held positions of Deputy Head for Geosciences, Director of Civilian Faculty, Director of Meteorology, and Advisor-in-Charge of the Meteorology Major in the Department of Economics and Geosciences

Associate Development Engineer, Optical Systems Group, Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California – San Diego

Lecturer, Department of Geography, San Diego State University

Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Science Program, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kansas

Associate Scientist, Assistant Scientist, and Lecturer, Department of Meteorology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research and Scholarly Interests

Weather data and analysis, particularly remotely-sensed radar and satellite applications

Applying GIS to the display of weather information

Climatology of thunderstorms


Koehler, T.L., 2018: Lightning cloud-to-ground flash density and thunderstorm day distributions over the contiguous United States derived from NLDN Measurements: 1993-2017. In revision for Monthly Weather Review.

Davenport, C.E., C.S. Wohlwend, and T.L. Koehler, 2015: Motivation for and development of a standardized introductory meteorology assessment exam. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 96, 305-312.

Barnes, J., T. Koehler, and B. Schaubroeck, 2014: Fly with the wind. Math Horizons, Mathematical Association of America, April, 10-13.