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Dr. Scott Iacono

Professor & Director, Chemistry Research Center

Department of Chemistry

Scott Iacono
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Scott Iacono completed his PhD studies in organic and polymer chemistry at Clemson University. Since 2002, he was a research scientist at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Rocket Propulsion Division, at Edwards Air Force Base synthesizing inorganic-organic hybrid fluoropolymers for solid rocket motor propulsion components. In 2010, he joined the Department of Chemistry at the United States Air Force Academy and has since been promoted to full professor and concurrently serves as the Chemistry Research Center Director. His current research efforts focus on organofluorine methodologies to include fluorosiloxane polymers, metalized fluoropolymer composites, and fulvene-based conjugated polymers. He has authored 100 peer-reviewed journal papers, 200 conference proceedings, and 8 contributed book chapters, 2 edited books, and 8 issued U.S. patents.


PhD, Clemson University

Master of Science, The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science, Louisiana State University

Professional Experience

Editorial Board Member, Polymer International (2017–Present)

Professor & Chemistry Research Center Director, U.S. Air Force Academy (2016–Present)

Clemson University, Department of Chemistry, Adjunct Graduate Faculty (2016–Present)

Associate Professor & Chemistry Research Center Director, U.S. Air Force Academy (2012–2016)

Post-Doctoral & Senior Associate Advisor, National Research Council (2012−Present)

Assistant Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy (2010−2012)

Research Scientist, Propulsion Materials, Air Force Research Laboratory (2002–2012)

Honors & Awards

Fellow of the American Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry (2018)

Nominee for Air Force Outstanding Scientist and Engineering Award, U.S. Air Force Academy (2016)

Frank J. Seiler Research Award for Faculty Research Excellence in Basic Science (2012)

Research and Scholarly Interests

Our research team in the Chemistry Research Center (CRC) at the US Air Force Academy focuses on preparing functionalized polymer and hybrid polymer composites directed towards developing next-generation, high-performance materials to meet operational AF and mission partner needs. Ongoing projects include, but are not limited to (1) high use temperature resins and composites for solid rocket motor cases and insulation, (2) metastable composites for structural energetics, (3) conducting organic polymers for renewable efficient light harvesting materials, and (4) stimuli-responsive smart coatings. Our continued multi-invested collaborations include aerospace industry partners, national laboratories, and many technical directorates within Air Force Research Laboratory. In addition to research contributions from our undergraduates, the CRC is host to senior and post-doctoral associates and visiting faculty with a broad spectrum of specialties to adapt to the ever-changing world of chemistry challenges.


(Selected Publications)

“Theoretical Prediction and Explanation of Reaction Site Selectivity in the Addition of a Phenoxy Group to Perfluoropyrimadine, Perfluoropyridazine and Perfluoropyrazine” Fuhrer, T.; Houck, M.; Chapman, R.; Iacono, S. T. Molecules 2021, 26, 7637.

“Fluoromaticity: The Molecular Orbital Contributions of Fluorine Substituents to the pi-Systems of Aromatic Rings” Fuhrer, T.; Houck, M.; Iacono, S. T. ACS Omega 2021, 6, 32607.

“Taming the Chemical Reversibility of Perfluoropyridine through Molecular Design with Applications to Pre- and Post- Modifiable Aryl Ether Polymer Architectures” Houck, M.; Fuhrer, T.; Phelps, C.; Brown, L.; Iacono, S. T. Macromolecules 2021, 54, 5586.

“Optimizing the Interfaces of Energetic Textiles with Perfluorinated Oligomer-Coated Aluminum Nanoparticles: Implications for Metastable Intermolecular Composites” Weeks, N.; Gazmin, E.; Iacono, S. T. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2021, 4, 6002.

Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Properties of Fluoropyridyl Functionalized Siloxanes of Diverse Polymeric Architectures” Stewart, K.; Shuster, D.; Leising, M.; Coolidge, I.; Lee, E.; Stevens, C.; Peloquin, A. J.; Kure, D.; Jennings, A. R.; Iacono, S. T. Macromolecules 2021, 54, 4871.