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Dr. Barry Hicks

Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Official photo of Barry Hicks.
Contact Information

(719) 333-6050



Born in Wyoming. Graduated from San Diego State University with a BSc in Chemistry. Served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon West Africa from 1984-1986. Graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a PhD in Chemistry and an emphasis in Biochemistry. Did an NIH-funded post-doctoral stint at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX from 1991-1995. Joined the USAFA faculty in 1995. Married 30 years with 2 children born in 1993 and 1995. Wife is a Registered Nurse. Daughter graduated from CSU in 2015 with a BSc in Chemistry and was a 1st Team All-Mountain West Conference track athlete and an NCAA 1st Team All-American; she is currently studying Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina, Chappel Hill. Son graduated from USAFA in 2017; he was a 2nd Team All-Mountain West football player, and majored in Civil Engineering, he is currently serving as a Base Civil Engineer stationed at Minot AFB, ND.


PhD in Chemistry, UC Santa Barbara

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, San Diego University

Professional Experience

Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy (2003-present)

Associate Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy (1999-2003)

Assistant Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy (1995-1999)

NIH Extramural Post-doctoral fellow (1991-1995)

Honors & Awards

Dean of Faculty Department of Chemistry, Outstanding Academy Educator (2010)

U.S. Air Force Award for Exempilary Civilian Service (2004)

Seiler Faculty Research Award (2001)

Mel Wakin Character and Leadership Award (1999)

University of California Reagents Fellow (1997)

Cameroon Peace Corps Volunteer of the Year (1985)

Research and Scholarly Interests

Reef Ecology, Fluorescence in the Marine Environment, Green Fluorescent Protein and its Applications, Zika Virus Protease Inhibitors


Journal Articles:

Alexa Gingras, Joe Sarette, Evan Shawler, Taeyoung Lee, Steve Freund, Eric Holwitt and Barry W. Hicks. (2013) Fluorescent Proteins as Biosensors by Quenching Resonance Energy Transfer from Endogenous Tryptophan: Detection of Nitroaromatic Explosives. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 48, 251–257.

Erlyn R. Rudico, M. Tyler Haugseth and Barry W. Hicks (2010) Comparison of Algal Biodeisel from Autotrophic Hydrogen-Producing Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and heterotrophic glycerol-metabolizing Schizochytirum limacinum. J. Undergraduate Chem. Res. 9(3), 89-94.

C1C Katherine Baerwald, C1C Jeffery Shamess and Barry W. Hicks. (2002) Isolation and Characterization of the Red Fluorescent Precorrin Produced by the cobA Gene Product Expressed in E. coli. J. Undergraduate Chem. Res. 1(1), 9-13.

Macarena Peran, Barry W. Hicks, Nancy L. Peterson, Helen Hooper, Ramiro Salas. (2001) Lateral Mobility and Anchoring of Recombinant GABAA Receptors depends upon subunit composition. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 50, 89-100.

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Barry W. Hicks. (1999) Recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein Isoforms: Exercises to integrate molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysical chemistry. J. Chem. Ed. 76, 409-415.

Barry W. Hicks and Kimon J. Angelides. (1995) Imaging individual lipid and Thy1 molecules int the plasmalemma of living fibroblasts by fluorescence microscopy. J. Membrane Biol. 144, 231-244.

Stanley M. Parsons, Ben A. Bahr, Gary A. Rogers, Edward D. Clarkson, Krystyna Noremberg, and Barry W. Hicks. (1993) Acetylcholine transporter-vesamicol receptor pharmacology and structure. Progress in Brain Research 98, 177-183.

Ben A. Bahr, Krystyna Noremberg, Gary A. Rogers, Barry W. Hicks and Stanley M. Parsons. (1992) Linkage of the acetylcholine transporter-vesamicol receptor to proteoglycan in synaptic vesicles. Biochemistry 31, 5778-5784.

Barry W. Hicks and Stanley M. Parsons, (1992) Characterization of the P-type and V-type ATPases of Cholinergic synaptic Vesicles and coupling of nucleotide hydrolysis to acetylcholine transport. J. Neurochem. 58, 1211.

Barry W. Hicks, Gary A. Rogers and Stanley M. Parsons. (1991) Purification and characterization of a nonvesicular vesamicol-binding protein from electric organ and demonstration of a related protein in mammalian brain. J. Neurochem. 57, 509-519.

Books and Chapters:

Barry W. Hicks (editor). (2009) Green Fluorescent Protein: Viral Applications and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology. Humana Press, Totowa, NJ. In preparation.

Barry W. Hicks (editor). (2002) Green Fluorescent Protein: Applications and Protocols Volume 183 in Methods in Molecular Biology, 393 pages. Humana Press, Totowa, NJ.

Barry W. Hicks and Kimon J. Angelides. (1994) Imaging plasmalemma dynamics by single particle tracking of derivitized fluorescent microspheres in Proc. 52nd Annual Meeting of the Microscopy Society of America (Bailey, G. W. and Reed, A.J.G., eds). San Francisco Press, San Francisco, CA. pp. 174-175.

Barry W. Hicks and Kimon J. Angelides. (1994) Imaging ion channel dynamics in living neurons by fluorescence microscopy in Methods in Neurosciences Volume 19: Ion Channels in Excitable Cells (Narahashi, T. ed). San Diego, pp. 320-339.

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