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Dr. Jill Harris

Deputy Department Head and Professor of Economics

Department of Economics & Geosciences

Jill Harris
Contact Information

(719) 333-8746




Dr. Harris earned her Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University with research focused on the cheating behavior in the NCAA. She has taught for the California State and UC system schools as well as private liberal arts colleges like Pomona and Pitzer College in the Claremont Consortium. She enjoys teaching introductory economics as well as Economics of Sport and Economics of Crime.

As a military spouse, Dr. Harris moved quite a bit after earning her Ph.D. Some of her professional career highlights include: trading grain for the largest exporter of winter wheat in the United States, consulting with city of Riverside, CA on a healthy neighborhoods initiative, and with the Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District on the cost-benefit analysis of the agency. She has also consulted with non-profits and faith-based communities interested in stewardship and sustainability projects.

She is married to Lt. Col (ret) Tim Harris (USAFA 86). Together they have three children, one is currently a cadet at USAFA (Class of 2021).


Ph.D., Economics, Oklahoma State University

Master of Arts, Economics, University of California Riverside Financial

Bachelor of Arts, Economics, California State University, San Bernardino

Professional Experience

Consultant to city and county government agencies, President Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce, Grain Trader

Honors & Awards

Outstanding Teacher University of Redlands MBA program

Research and Scholarly Interests

Economics of Sport, NCAA, non-compliance behavior


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Harris Jill ( 2016) “The Demand for Student-Athlete Labor and the Supply of Violations in the NCAA” Marquette Sports Law Review,26(2) Invited Paper

Harris Jill and David Berri (2016) “If You Can’t Pay Them, Play Them: Own Race Bias in the WNBA” International Journal of Sport Finance, 11(3)

Harris Jill and David Berri (2015) “Predicting the WNBA Draft: What Matters Most from College Performance?” International Journal of Sport Finance, 10(4)

Harris Jill (2012) “On Using GIS to Teach in the Social Sciences” Thought & Action, Fall 2012, Volume 28