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About Icarus

We had hoped that the 2020 issue of Icarus would be a pivotal moment for the revitalization of Icarus, which had once been a landmark piece of the Academy’s history. But in the face of a newly organized world, we now simply hope that it will be a conduit which may encourage reflection during our long stay in limbo.

We have both been with Icarus for several years, back when it was just beginning to catch new life, and we started to dream of a newer, more vital publication which would be a common dorm-room phrase among cadets. Icarus, for decades, was a well-regarded publication at the Academy. But in the wake of 9/11, entering a war which demanded action first and reflection second, Icarus fell to the wayside. There were several years it went unpublished, and its treasures were lost to a Department of English & Fine Arts bookshelf.

We began 2020 hoping to bring Icarus into a new life: still as a publication, but also a place where cadets could develop and cater to their creative passions. We knew love for art was an amber heat in many cadets, dormant but warm from bashful coaxing, and even as we continued to fight wars nearly as old as us, we knew that art would be pivotal in developing the dispositions which would eventually represent our character as officers. Even if 2020 was not a major change, we could at least usher in a new era for Icarus.

And then came Corona, and the world was rushed into a stand-still. Initially we felt that whatever success we might have had with Icarus was lost with the spring. Yet, with time strained but presented to us without dictation, we feel that art is the one thing which has carried us through. It has been consumed and created with unequivocal vigor and, while it may not get the pomp and circumstance we had hoped, we think that the Icarus 2020 issue is still the impactful issue we had hoped it would be—even if not in the way we had once envisioned. This issue demonstrates that courage in expression may be more efficacious in rousing the need for art, now more than ever.

Jordan Brown, ’21
Amy Padilla, ’22
Managing Editors

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