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Academy Journal of the Arts


Icarus: Academy Journal of the Arts has been published at the U.S. Air Force Academy since 1965. Its mission is to provide a venue for the creative arts at USAFA, showcasing the best of cadet talent in fiction, music, poetry, essay, photography, sculpture and visual arts.


About Icarus

Letter from the Editor

On behalf of our Icarus staff and contributors, we extend a warm welcome and an earnest thank you for engaging with our creative work.

This issue, its contributors, and its pieces hope to represent a flourishing creative community found here at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Amidst both academic and military rigor, we are proud to amplify the voices of our cadets who have held tight to their creative talents. The arts are often found blooming in ‘free’ creative space, but Icarus is a testament to a new breed of artists and writers who are thriving under the roof of rigorous military discipline. Our community of creatives shows a new commitment to the arts, demonstrating anew that our creative nature will always have an important seat at the table. Icarus is proud to offer a voice to artists, writers, and creatives alike who are looking to share their personal work. Thank you for honoring our creative voices and engaging with our latest publication of Icarus.

We are proud to present the 2022 edition of Icarus: Academy Journal of the Arts.

C1C Rachel Price
Executive Editor

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