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Weather at the United States Air Force Academy, and in the entire Rocky Mountain region, is unpredictable and can change quickly. Be prepared for both warm and colder weather by checking the forecast and bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, water and jackets.

Altitude at the U.S. Air Force Academy varies from approximately 6,200 feet near Interstate 25 to 9,000 feet on the Farish Recreation Area grounds. Newcomers to Colorado may experience symptoms related to altitude sickness until their bodies adjust to the lower air pressure.
Altitude Sickness Symptoms may include: headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, insomnia and loss of appetite.
The following steps can help you prevent or reduce the effects of high altitude until your body adjusts to the climate:

  • Stay Hydrated Fluid loss often accompanies the acclimatization process, so drink three to four quarts of water per day to remain properly hydrated.
  • Don’t Overexert Yourself Light activity during the day is better than sleeping because respiration decreases during sleep, exacerbating symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco Alcohol acts as a depressant to depress respiration during sleep. In addition, tobacco products may decrease lung capacity.
  • Eat a High-Carb Diet More than 70 percent of your daily calories should come from complex carbohydrates such as starches.

Visitors to the U.S. Air Force Academy often wish to take in the iconic sights of our beautiful campus. Here is a list of highlights to consider as you plan your self-guided tour.

Nature Trail to the Cadet Chapel

A one-third-mile paved nature trail east of the facility allows visitors to walk to the Cadet Chapel — an iconic part of the Academy campus. Note that the paved nature trail is a very strenuous walk with a variety of hills. The walk back from the Chapel to the Visitor Center is mostly uphill. People with limited mobility should bring their own wheelchair to get to and from the Chapel. You may also park in the Arnold Hall parking lot to access the Cadet Chapel; however, this still requires you to walk approximately 1/3 of a mile and is mostly uphill when returning to your vehicle.

Note: Large bags, backpacks and pets are not allowed in the Visitors Center, Cadet Chapel or on the trail between the two; however, service animals are welcomed. Dogs are permitted in outside areas, but must remain on a leash and owners are responsible for prompt clean-up of the grounds.

Cadet Chapel

The Cadet Chapel has been closed to the public since 3 September, 2019 for major repairs. The Chapel is expected to remain under construction for four years.

Cadet Lunch Formation

You may be able to observe the cadet wing marching to lunch. This noon meal formation is scheduled Monday-Friday from 11:30 am-12:00 pm. This schedule is in effect during the academic year (mid-August through mid-May), weather permitting, and is subject to cancellation without notice. Visitors may view the formation from the Honor Court wall or the wall surrounding the Cadet Chapel which both overlook the Terrazzo.

Arnold Hall

This facility contains several military and Academy exhibits, a snack bar area, and an auditorium for special events or official functions. Learn more.

Honor Court

Located between the Cadet Chapel and Arnold Hall, this area contains bronze statues and aircraft memorials from various groups.

Field House

This facility has an Indoor Athletic Field, Ice Rink, Clune Arena (Basketball Court), and a Snack Bar.

Falcon Athletic Center

Located next to the Field House it contains the Athletic Ticket Office, 800-666-8723, goairforcefalcons.com and the Athletic Hall of Fame.


The Stanley Canyon and Falcon hiking trails are open for military/government ID card holders only between the hours of 5 a.m. and sundown every day. Trail use by visitors with non-military/government ID card holders is allowed only during normal visiting hours, 9am-5pm every day.

The visitor center information desk has trail details. Parking for the Santa Fe hiking trail is available next to the North Gate entrance. Learn more.


For all handicapped guests, please note that the Academy does not issue handicapped parking passes. Individuals should bring their own state issued handicapped parking pass with them in order to access the handicapped parking lot in the Cadet Area (north of Stillman Field) or the handicapped lots at the stadium.

The Academy also does not provide wheelchairs or other medical equipment. Please see the list of local companies offering rental of durable medical equipment, including oxygen. Inclusion in this listing doesn’t constitute a recommendation from the 10th Medical Group. It does, however, indicate that these are reputable companies who provide equipment and supplies to Tricare beneficiaries.

Local Companies Providing Oxygen, Walkers and Wheelchairs (no government endorsement of listed companies is suggested):

  1. Roth Medical
    4715 Town Center Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80916
    (719) 520-1414 or (719) 321-6226
  2. CareMax (Has local distributer)
    373 Inverness Pkwy., Suite 207
    Centennial, CO 80112
    (888) 419-3057
  3. Preferred Homecare
    1049 Elkton Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
    (719) 548-9220
  4. Apria Healthcare
    6325 Corporate Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80919
    (719) 262-2600 or (719) 310-2653
  5. Major Medical
    405 N. Union Boulevard
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909
    (719) 475-1236