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The Weekly Lead: Honoring a Tuskegee Airman, International Week & more

1. Strong Alliances


The Air Force Academy hosted cadets from several U.S. partner-nations during International Week. Here’s why that’s important: www.usafa.edu/news/strengthening-alliances-af-academy-hosts-partner-nation-cadets-during-international-week .

2. Safe in the Snow

Knowing where to go when it snows will help keep you safe on the Academy’s roads. Check out the Academy’s snow route map here: www.usafa.edu/news/af-academys-snow-route-helps-mitigate-winter-weather

3. On Target 

Check out the latest on the Academy’s high-scoring Rifle Team. www.usafa.edu/news/rifle-team-goes-3-1-in-home-matches-cadet-fiori-is-falcons-top-finisher . 

4. Price Hikes

Prices for a fishing permit at the Academy and a room at the base’s Rampart Lodge are going up. Here’s why: www.usafa.af.mil/News/Article/2004881/fishing-fees-to-increase-at-academy and www.usafa.af.mil/News/Article/2004853/dod-lodging-rates-go-up-cost-of-lodging-at-academy-to-increase-nov-1

5. Academy’s Airfield Named After Original Tuskegee Airman

The airfield at the Academy is now officially named after Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, “the” Tuskegee Airman who set the path for the diversity seen in today’s Air Force. Read our story here:  https://www.usafa.edu/news/af-academy-names-airfield-in-honor-of-tuskegee-hero/

The Weekly lead is a U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs staff report.