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Captain Hannah Swysgood

Captain Hannah Swysgood is a flight nurse and fuselage trainer, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. Her division is responsible for safe, worldwide, joint patient care, treatment, and transport for patients aboard the C-130, C-21, KC-135, and C-17 and other contingency aircraft. Her team coordinates with Total Force personnel while leading the Squadron’s Simulation Technology department where they spearhead training scenarios, mass casualty events, flight currency codes and trusted patient care.

Captain Swysgood entered the Air Force in 2017 after graduating from Commissioned Officer Training at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. She has deployed multiple times; most recently in 2021 as Medical Crew Director at the 10th Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Flight, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. She supported Operations INHERENT RESOLVE, FREEDOM’S SENTINEL, and ALLIES REFUGE. Capt Swysgood flew ten combat and four support missions during the evacuation of 120,000 Afghan citizens and allied forces from the Middle East. She led her crew to develop 285 passenger medical augmentation packs, build 350 tents, and directed care, coordination and daily treatment of over 200 refugees. Moreover, she oversaw the screening of two thousand pregnancies, administration of 33,000 vaccinations, and management of $2 million dollars in donated medical supplies for 41,000 refugees.