United States Air Force Academy

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  • Joint air, space, and cyberspace power
  • Cadet-centered, faculty-assisted research
  • Multi-domain, operational military expertise
  • Multidisciplinary research methods
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Upgrading facilities to become a world-class air, space and cyberspace research center
  • Developing an improved effects-based operational planning process
  • Exploring future air, space and cyberspace power policy issues using modeling and simulation
  • Designing an airpower database for modeling and simulation, wargaming, and statistical analysis of airpower variables
  • Researching and solving contemporary military problems
  • The Air Warfare Lab (AWL): 12 high fidelity, data-linked, Frasca T-6 simulators
  • The Cadet Battle Lab (CBL): 60+ computers on a stand-alone network simulating 3 separate AOCs

Space Theories Wanted
Cadet 1st Class Isaiah Honable (USAFA ’19)

The Dawn of Anti-Personnel Directed-Energy Weapons
2nd Lt Robert Hunter Ward (USAFA ’18)

The Unrealized Value of Open Source Intelligence for Irregular Warfare
2nd Lt Riley Murray (USAFA ’18)