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“In-Processing Day” is the term that identifies the day you arrive at the Prep School and become a member of the United States Air Force. This page and its contents contain information you will need to know and the requirements you will need to complete prior to entering the Prep School on In-Processing Day. So that you are fully prepared, it is essential to hand-carry specific completed forms with you upon your arrival as indicated on your Appointee Portal. Although the information and action items on this website and on your Appointee Portal may be duplicated, you must annotate completion of the required actions specifically on your Appointee Portal page/checklist.

For Prior Enlisted (Airmen) ONLY, select the “Prior Enlisted Appointee Information” button above for information and actions specific to you.

If you are “Direct-Entry” (civilian or enlisted in a service other than the Air Force), select the “Direct-entry Appointee Information” for information and actions specific to you.