United States Air Force Academy

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The Preparatory School’s training curriculum includes purposeful education to promote a culture of dignity, and a climate of respect for all.

The Preparatory School is a great place to start one’s Academy career. It offers cadet candidates not only the opportunity to hone their skills and refine their character, it is the place where many lifelong friendships are formed. It is also a small place, and each class is comprised of young people who come from vastly diverse backgrounds. Recognizing that challenges often arise when new people come together in a “small town” environment, the Preparatory School experience also focuses on the value we gain from diversity, and the non-negotiable expectation that everyone is treated with respect.

Cadet candidates take part in Emotional Intelligence and Healthy Relationships training, learn about Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, and engage in discussions and workshops which promote diversity and inclusion. Additionally, they learn about the support agencies available to help them navigate the ups and downs of life, and how to help classmates in need of support. Ultimately, the Preparatory School is laying the foundation for cadet candidates to succeed at the Academy as aspiring leaders of character, and maintaining a healthy culture and climate is a top priority.