United States Air Force Academy

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Character development is the process which builds and reinforces a cadet candidate’s commitment to integrity, service, and personal excellence; qualities necessary to lead in the Air Force.

Cadet candidates are exposed to a comprehensive character and leadership development program during the 10-month United States Air Force Academy Prep School experience. This program builds character and leadership skills by focusing on the Academy Honor Code, the Air Force Core Values, and practical application of living by those principles. Each cadet candidate takes the Honor Oath at the conclusion of Basic Military Training (BMT) to demonstrate their commitment to these principles prior to the start of the academic year.
The Prep School’s progressive character development training also gives cadet candidates the opportunity to participate in guest speaker lectures and discussions, attend the Academy’s National Character and Leadership Symposium (NCLS), and become involved in various community service projects throughout the Academy and local community. Cadet candidates have many opportunities to build character through service. Past efforts include:

  • Science Fair judging at local elementary schools
  • Holiday food/toy drive
  • Academy Halloween Trunk-or-Treat

Cadet candidates are also exposed to culture and climate initiatives. They take part in Healthy Relationship training, learn about Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, and engage in diversity and inclusion dialogue with faculty and staff. Ultimately, the Prep School is laying the foundation for cadet candidates to succeed at the Academy as aspiring leaders of character.