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Parents' Club Presidents

When you become a Parents’ Club President, you quickly realize that communication is critical. A Parents’ Club President is the conduit between the Academy Parent Liaison and the parents. Hopefully this page will help your Parents’ Club Board Members sustain continuity as they transfer in/out of their various positions. The Academy Parent Liaison could not do her job without your help—so THANK YOU!!!

Appointee Video
Superintendent Welcomes Class of 2024 

Parent Club State Nights Information
Parents’ Club State Night Instructions (at USAFA)
Parents’ Club State Night Checklist
Parents’ Club Reservation Agreement for Arnold Hall
Parents’ Club Reservation Agreement for other than Arnold Hall

Parents’ Club Presidents Video
Parents’ Club Presidents Video Call Presentation March 10, 2021

Parents’ Club President Conference: Each year the Academy hosts a Parents’ Club Presidents Conference right before Parents’ Weekend. A Reception is normally held at the Superintendent’s home the Wednesday before Parents’ Weekend and the conference is Thursday at Doolittle Hall. You may sell your items during the conference.
On Friday of Parents’ Weekend, there is an Information Fair at Arnold Hall that some Parents’ Clubs have a table to sell approved products. As soon as the Parent Liaison gets the information required from Arnold Hall they will send out the required information to the Parents’ Clubs to submit for reservation.
Next year’s Parents Weekend conference dates: Reception: Sep. 2, 2020, Conference: Sep. 3, 2020, Info Fair: Sep. 4. 2020

2019 Parents’ Club Presidents Conference Media
Parents’ Weekend Conference Videos
AOG Parent & Family Programs Briefing
Parents’ Club Merchandising Briefing
Parents’ Club Networking Meeting Agenda
Parent Liason Presentation
Parents’ Club Presidents Conference Agenda
Dennis P. Rando Fund Presentation
Strategic Communication Plan Briefing
Academy Families Travel Network Briefing
Academy Families Travel Network Flyer

Helpful Information for Parents’ Club Presidents
Parents’ Club President Form
USAFA Speaker Request Form
Privacy Act Release Form for Parents’ Clubs and Spirit Committees
2018 Parents’ Weekend Info Fair Fundraising Permission Information
RANDO Fund Information

Sample Presentations from Past Conferences
Parent Liason Presentation
Endowment Philanthropy Presentation
Texas Club State Night Presentation

U.S. Air Force Academy, Air Force Logo Approval, and Fundraising Information

Parents’ Clubs must obtain approval to utilize trademarked logos on any items they sell for the purposes of fundraising or when representing the Air Force Academy at official functions. To obtain approval, please contact the respective party below and include a detailed explanation of how the logo will be used.
To utilize the U.S. Air Force Academy logo, email: paul.hamilton@usafa.edu
To utilize the U.S. Air Force logo, email: licensing@us.af.mil
To utilize the class crest logos, email: mj.kellenbence@aogusafa.org
Fundraising Request Letter
Fundraising Checklist
Information Fair Cover Letter