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Weekly Lead: A Week Full of New Traditions

Staff Reports, Aug. 2, 2019

Ready to thrive

Nearly 1,200 basic cadets were welcomed into their academic future with our first-ever convocation ceremony. Read about it here: https://www.usafa.edu/news/air-force-academy-hosts-first-ever-convocation-ceremony/

Summer in the sandbox

The Academy’s Center of Innovation sent 23 cadets to 17 locations nationwide to work with industry and government partners on game-changing tech. Learn more: https://www.usafa.edu/news/usafa-center-of-innovation-cadet-summer-research-program-lets-play-in-a-sandbox/

Get rid of the rope

Academy cadets were named inventors on three recently awarded patents – all to make troop insertion missions safer. Want to know what they invented? https://www.usafa.edu/news/academy-cadets-invention-to-support-battlefield-airmen-awarded-patents/

Graduates fall in with basic cadets

For the first time in the Academy’s history, basic cadets marched back from Jacks Valley with former Academy grads. Read more about a new tradition here: https://www.usafa.edu/news/basic-cadets-march-back-from-jacks-valley-with-academy-graduates/

Making STEM leaders one cadet at a time

That Science, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects play a key role in the Academy’s curriculum is not news, but our STEM programs impact the future in more ways than you might think: https://www.usafa.edu/news/academy-plays-central-role-in-developing-tomorrows-stem-savvy-leaders/