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The Weekly Lead: A cadet’s recovery, cadet pilots take top slot at flying competition & more

1.  Caring for Cadets 

The Air Force Academy’s Peak Performance Center helped Cadet Alberto Moita overcome some pretty hefty challenges. Here’s his story: www.usafa.edu/news/taking-care-of-airmen-peak-performance-center-helped-a-cadet

2.  Artful History

A sculpture celebrating the human spirit and the collapse of the Berlin Wall was unveiled at the Academy’s McDermott Library Nov. 9. Read about it here: www.usafa.edu/news/academy-unveils-artwork-commemorating-fall-of-berlin-wall

3.  Cadet Pilots Win Big

The Academy’s Flying Team took first place at a regional flying contest for the 33rd consecutive year.  Apparently, the school’s Airmanship Programs, designed by Air Education and Training Command, are not just working, they’re soaring. www.usafa.edu/news/af-academys-flying-team-gets-top-prize-at-national-competition

4.  ‘A Tough Sport’

An Academy athlete balances his training and a broken toe while prepping for a summer triathlon. www.usafa.edu/news/academy-triathlete-preps-for-world-competition-next-summer

5.  Fighting Falcons receive AFCA Award

Academy football shares a high-level athletic and academic award with  the University of Alabama, Clemson University, University of Louisville, Rice University and the University of Utah. Read about it here: https://www.usafa.edu/news/air-force-football-earns-afca-academic-achievement-award/

The Weekly Lead is a U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs staff report.