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The Weekly Lead

Staff report, July 7, 2019


“Survoler la France”

That’s right: we “flew over France” when staff at the 306th Flying Training Group traveled to the Ecole de l’Air, the French air force academy, to share information about the Air Force Academy’s airfield ops and Airmanship Programs. www.usafa.edu/news/an-exchange-of-ideas-306th-ftg-instructors-visit-french-air-force-academy

Basic Cadet Training is tough for parents, too  

We know Basic Cadet Training leaves many cadet parents with an empty nest. Here’s a few ways to fill up your time while your son or daughter tackles the challenges of military training. www.usafa.edu/news/top-9-ways-for-parents-to-survive-basic-cadet-training

High-tech software links first-responders

Emergency personnel and senior officials at the Academy now use a high-tech program that puts them “front and center” at any emergency on the base. Emergency response experts say it’s a very positive move for the Academy. Read about here: www.usafa.edu/news/air-force-academy-goes-high-tech-with-first-responder-software

Ultimate sacrifice

A staff member and former mortuary officer at the Academy shares his views on service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Eddie Adelman, the director of Mitchell Hall, says they should never be forgotten and we could not agree more. Read Adelman’s thoughts here: www.usafa.edu/news/fourth-of-july-commentary-service-members-ultimate-sacrifice-united-by-love-of-country