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The Weekly Lead

Brig. Gen. Michele Edmondson accepts the U.S. Air Force Academy cadet wing’s guidon from Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, the Academy’s superintendent, during an assumption of command ceremony, May 31, 2019. Edmondson is now the Academy’s 29th commandant of cadets. (U.S. Air Force photo/Joshua Armstrong)

Staff Reports, June 5, 2019

It’s official!

Brig. Gen. Michele Edmondson is now commandant of cadets at the Air Force Academy. Lt. Gen. Silveria, the Academy’s superintendent, welcomed her in with an official ceremony attended by Edmonson’s friends, family and the entire cadet wing, May 31.  www.usafa.edu/news/academys-new-commandant-of-cadets-reports-for-duty/

That’s a lot of handshakes

The Secret Service doesn’t make it easy for just anyone to hang out with a U.S. president, but they gave cadets a pass May 30 and allowed almost 1,000 newly-minted lieutenants to receive their diplomas from their commander in chief. President Donald Trump braved the late-morning Interstate-25 bottleneck to welcome the Class of 2019 into the Air Force officer corps with his commencement speech. Well done, lieutenants.  www.usafa.edu/news/president-trump-says-mission-of-academy-grads-is-vital-to-keeping-u-s-safe/

You want stats? We got ‘em!

Here’s more information than you probably thought you’d ever get — or we’d ever possibly deliver — about the makeup of the Academy’s Class of 2019. For example: 579 graduates are scheduled to be rated officers entering flying-related career fields. Last year, 511 were scheduled to be rated officers in flying-related career fields. Check out the link for more data. www.usafa.edu/news/the-breakdown-the-stats-on-the-air-force-academys-class-of-2019/

Well, we are the ‘Air’ Force

We all love summertime in Colorado and so do our cadet pilots. The 306th Flying Training Group’s summer operations started June 4 so you’ll see more activity above the Academy’s airfield. This includes cadets jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. This summer training lasts until August. www.usafa.edu/news/academys-summer-program-to-increase-airfield-activity/

From immigrant to officer

Rodrigo Orellana was born in Honduras, but the Class of 2019 graduate is now heading to pilot training school as a newly-minted second lieutenant. What a story. www.usafa.edu/news/grad-week-feature-academy-cadet-naturalized-citizen-one-step-closer-to-aviation-dream