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Retired Lt. Col. Duane Carey speaks to nearly 300 local school students about his time journey to become an astronaut. (U.S. Air Force photo/Joshua Armstrong)

Staff report, Oct. 11, 2019


Defining Resilience

Cadet 1st Class Garrett of Cadet Squadron 10, Tuin faces his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis with bravery and wit while continuing to serve as squadron commander. www.usafa.edu/news/academy-cadet-remains-resilient-despite-ms-diagnosis

Audience with an Astronaut

A retired lieutenant colonel who flew the Space Shuttle Columbia linked up with elementary school students to talk about science and space at the Air Force Academy. Here’s his story.  www.usafa.edu/news/air-force-academy-hosts-annual-audience-with-an-astronaut/

Airmanship Next  

The Air Force Academy revamped its Airmanship program to familiarize cadets with what it takes to become pilots. The new curriculum started in the fall semester. Here’s how it’s going so far. www.usafa.edu/news/air-force-academy-launches-new-airmanship-next-program

Saving energy in the office

Want to save energy in the office? We all should, and not just because it’s Energy Action Month across the Defense Department. Here’s a few tips www.usafa.af.mil/News/Article/1984813/energy-action-month-saving-energy-in-the-office