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The Weekly Lead

Cadet 1st Class Alexander Brown is seen here behind the controls  of an aircraft as a young boy.  In  Staff Writer Jennifer Spradlin’s feature story below, Brown said he’s always wanted to be a pilot. (Photo courtesy of Alexander Brown)

A boy’s dream

Cadet 1st Class Alexander Brown earned a pilot’s license before he arrived at the Air Force Academy. He was so set on becoming an Air Force pilot, his parents bought him a flight simulator when he was boy. Read his story here: www.usafa.edu/news/academy-cadet-pilot-says-family-support-keeps-his-dreams-aloft

 Roadwork update

Here’s our latest update concerning two projects that will cause traffic detours. One project will cause detours to and near the Visitors Center. www.usafa.edu/news/2-road-closures-2-traffic-detours-scheduled-for-academy-drive

People: the greatest Air Force asset 

A cadet’s Operations Air Force visit to Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma expanded his horizons. Check out Cadet Spencer Flint’s commentary here: www.usafa.edu/news/cadet-commentary-soaking-up-operations-air-force-like-a-sponge