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Lieutenant Colonel Roger Greenwood

Assistant Professor

Department of Aeronautics

Official photo Lieutenant Colonel Roger Greenwood
Contact Information

(719) 333-2619




Lt Col Greenwood was born and raised on a small family farm in southeast Idaho. At the age of 17 he moved with his family to Utah where he graduated from American Fork High School in 1994. After graduation he attended Brigham Young University (BYU), taking a two-year leave of absence to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints after his freshman year, and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Lt Col Greenwood commissioned as an ROTC graduate in December 2000 and was assigned to Hanscom AFB, MA where he deployed to help set up the Air Operations Center at Al Udeid AB. After receiving his MS in Aeronautical Engineering from AFIT, Roger served as deputy in AFRL’s Combustion branch and as program manager of a small Unmanned Aerial System program. He then served three years as instructor, assistant professor, and executive officer in U.S. Air Force Academy's Department of Aeronautics. Lt Col Greenwood then attended Purdue University and published his dissertation entitled “Measurements of Entropy-Layer Instabilities over Cone-Ogive-Cylinders at Mach 6”. Before coming back to U.S. Air Force Academy where he currently directs the High Performance Computing Research Center, Roger spent three years leading the Advanced Missile Development branch at Los Angeles AFB, CA. Roger loves participating in outdoor activities and spending time with his wife Marci and their five children.


PhD in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering (Purdue University, 2014)

MS in Aeronautical Engineering (Air Force Institute of Technology, 2005)

BS in Mechanical Engineering (Brigham Young University, 2000)

Professional Experience
Military Career Experience

Deputy Head, USAFA Department of Aeronautics (Jan 2020-Present)

Director, Commanders Initiative Group, Office of Security Cooperation, Baghdad Embassy, Iraq (Apr 2019-Oct 2019)

Assistant Professor, USAFA Department of Aeronautics, and Director, High Performance Computing Research Center (Jul 2017-Jan 2019)

Chief, Advanced Missile Development Branch, Space and Missile Systems Center (August 2014-July 2017)

PhD Student, Purdue University (August 2011-July 2014)

Deputy Director, USAFA Modeling and Simulation Research Center (June 2010-August 2011)

Instructor/Assistant Professor, USAFA Department of Aeronautics (June 2008-June 2011)

AIAA Region V Deputy Director for Education (Aug 2008-June 2011)

Executive Officer, USAFA Department of Aeronautics (January 2009-June 2010)

Small UAS Program Manager, 659th Aeronautical Systems Squadron, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. (June 2007-June 2008)

Deputy Chief, Combustion Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), WPAFB, OH. (March 2005-June 2007)

TBMCS Project Engineer, Fielding Team, AOC Weapon System Program Office, Electronic Systems Center, Hanscom AFB, MA. (February 2001-June 2003)

Research and Scholarly Interests

Hypersonics, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Computational Fluid Dynamics


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