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Virtual March Back

Let’s come together as a USAFA Family and support the Class of 2025. Though our in-person Graduate March Back has been cancelled for 2021, we’re going virtual and expanding participation to our entire USAFA family! Between July 12-24, we invite you to join the USAFA community and walk, run or march 6.2 miles in support of the Class of 2025 cadets returning from Basic Cadet Training in Jacks Valley. We hope to return to an in-person option for the March Back for graduates in 2022 with a virtual option for parents, supporters and non-local graduates.

What’s the goal? Walk, run or march 6.2 miles

What should I wear? Grads should wear their USAFA PT shirt and supporters can wear USAFA gear and colors (blue and gray). Class hats and other spirit gear is encouraged! USAFAF PT shirts can be purchased at https://shop.usafa.org/classic-cadet-s-s-shirt-cadet-tee and spirit gear can be purchased at shop.goairforcefalcons.com.

What are the rules?
– Organize your March Back between July 12-24
– Come together with former classmates and fans to complete the 6.2 mile march
– Once complete, log your march using our online Virtual March Back Log. There is no need to pre-register!
– Share photos and tag us using #MarchWith2025 or on the official Facebook events page
– Stay safe and adhere to local COVID-19 social-distancing guidelines

Log Your March Here!


Q: Can I register a team?
A: Yes! Each member of your team must still log their march individually using the march back log and indicate what team they are a part of using the team name slot.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of people on my team?
A: No! We encourage all friends, family and Grads to participate.

Q: What does location mean?
A: What city, state or country are you participating from?

Q: Can I accomplish my march over several days?
A: Participants are more than welcome to complete the march over several days. Additionally, there is no time cap to complete the 6.2 miles; however, all marches, walks and runs must be complete within the 12-24 July time period.

Q: Can I do my march indoors on an elliptical or treadmill?
A: There is no requirement for the march to be completed indoors or outdoors. You may complete your march using any exercise equipment as long as you keep to the spirit of the march in completing 6.2 miles in support of the Class of 2025.

Q: Will prizes be awarded?
A: While we will not award prizes, we do plan to highlight major event statistics – biggest teams – farthest distance from USAFA – classes or groups with the most participation etc.

Q: 6.2 miles is a long distance, can we accomplish it as a relay?
A: While the goal is to complete the entire 6.2 march in solidarity with the Class of 2025, we understand that this is not possible for all participants. Individuals who wish to break up the march into several days or spread it across their team may do so.

Q: Can my team be virtual (spread out across the country)?
A: Yes, the goal of this march is to bring the USAFA community together, virtually or in person.

Q: I have difficulty walking, can I complete my march using a scooter?
A: Yes! Your march is your own – please be safe.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask when I march?
A: We ask that you be safe and follow the COVID-19 safe social-distancing guidelines in your local area.