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USAFA Deer Hunt – December 12-13

The Air Force Academy’s Natural Resources office will conduct the annual deer management controlled hunt on December 5-6 and December 12-13.

All hunters are guided by USAFA, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife personnel.

Maintaining public safety is the highest priority. This map indicates where deer hunting is prohibited. Click here.

Frequently used roads and trails in the hunting areas will be posted with bright orange “Area Closed – Authorized Personnel Only” signs. The Falcon Trail, Archery Range, Pine Valley horse pastures, and PARS course will also be posted and closed during the hunts.

All licenses for the 2020 hunting season have been issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. To apply for future hunts, you must submit a big game application to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for Game Management Unit 512 (USAFA).

Detailed information on the Academy’s hunting program is available at https://usafa.isportsman.net.

If you have question, concerns, comments or feedback; please contact USAFA’s Natural Resources office at 333-3308.