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Front Range Freedom Run

This is 5K/10K mile race held on the United States Air Force Academy open to the public! The course goes around the “Hill” where AFA Cadets are trained on a daily basis. Participants will see views from the Front Range overlooking Colorado Springs north-side and run some challenging inclines! It is a beautiful area to run and a challenge to boot! The purpose of this event is to honor our local Wounded Warriors and Veterans while raising funds to support the local Wounded Warrior Foundation, Mount Carmel Veterans Service Center of Excellence, and USAFA Professional Organizations who support both our Active Duty and Enlisted veteran community. A portion of funds raised from this event will go to Wounded Warriors Foundation Colorado Springs and Mount Carmel Veterans Service Center of Excellence. The remaining funds will be split between 5 USAFA Enlisted Organizations. These organizations are led by the enlisted force at all levels working on USAFA. They help to ensure our hard working Airmen get honored properly when they make rank, win awards, or need support in times of tragedy. There will be a Family Fun area setup to entertain non-racers and racers a like. Come out and have some fun with us while supporting our men and women who sacrifice so much for our Freedoms!

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