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75th Air Force Legends Tour & NCLS Kickoff Event

The Air Force Association’s 75th Anniversary Legends Tour is coming to the U.S. Air Force Academy. Cadets will meet five Air Force “Legends” and the event doubles as the 2022-23 National Character and Leadership Symposium fall theme kick-off. The confirmed legends are:

Gen (Ret) Richard Myers (Former CJCS)

Gen (Ret) John Hyten (Former VCJCS)

Gen (Ret) John Jumper (Former CSAF)

Maj Gen (Ret) Suzanne Vautrinot (Former Commander, 24th Air Force)

CMSAF (Ret) Gerald Murray (14th CMSAF)

CMSgt (Ret) Gerardo Tapia (Former HQ AETC Command Chief)