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To participate in the following cadet clubs and groups, please contact the Cadet Development Division through Major Jason Naaktgeboren or Maj Kim Garbett.


The Cadet History Club sponsors guest speakers—usually combat veterans or high-ranking military or civilian guests—and an annual formal dinner, featuring guest speakers known for their leadership style, on or off the battlefield. Our speaker program aims to provide cadets with examples of combat experience, as well as an appreciation for the combat history of the United States Air Force. All history majors are automatically members. Non-majors can sign up through the Department of History.


Area-specific study groups—Europe, Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union, Middle East, Africa, East Asia and Latin America— are opportunities for cadets to host guest speakers and take field trips or dinner outings. With the Department of Foreign Area Studies and International Programs, cadets also host foreign exchange cadets at the Academy. Area studies groups are administered and directed by professors with inter-departmental regional expertise. The groups provide opportunities for cadets to expand their knowledge and appreciation of region-specific issues and challenges.


Reading groups are opportunities for cadets to read and discuss books with other cadets and instructors, enhancing their understanding of a topic in a relaxed, “great book” forum. Group sizes vary depending on the topic and cadet interest.


The Department of History sponsors cadets to present papers at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research and the Undergraduate Conference on the Social Sciences. A number of cadet papers have also been published in Airpower Journal and Air Power History.


Each year, a select number of cadets are offered highly competitive graduate scholarships. Early preparation is a must. If you have questions or are interested, see your instructor.

  • East-West Center Scholarship – Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii. Duration: 17 months.
  • Gerhart Fellowship – Middlebury College and University of Paris/Sorbonne. Must be proficient in French. Duration: 2 years.
  • Wolfe-Lawson Scholarship – Awarded to the outstanding student in the Humanities Division. Duration: 1 year, possibly extension with AFIT approval.
  • Fulbright Scholarship – Study in a foreign country, must be proficient in host country language. Duration: 1 year.
  • Graduate School Program – Selected by the department or Dean. Duration: 18 months, in some field of history.
  • Harvard University Scholarship – Study of public policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Duration: 2 years.
  • University of Maryland Scholarship ­­– Study in public policy and public management. Duration: 2 years.
  • Rhodes Scholarship – Oxford University in England. Duration: 2 years, with possible extension.
  • Marshall Scholarship – Study in a field of value to the U.S. Air Force at any university in the United Kingdom. Duration: 2 years.
  • Truman Scholarship – For Juniors (Second Class). Study in public policy. Post-graduate $30,000 for personal program.