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2021 NCLS

Video On Demand

Click on the links below to view recorded sessions for this year’s symposium.

NCLS 2021 Wrap Up Conversation

Café Corner with Col (Ret) Gail Colvin – USAFA ’80 and C1C Julia Rochester – USAFA ’21

NCLS 2021 On-Demand Playlist

NCLS 2021 (On-Demand)

NCLS 2021:
Warrior Ethos Panels


Maj Gen ret Eliezer Shkedi NCLS

The Athletic Panel NCLS

Warrior Ethos Panel NCLS

Senior Leader Warrior Ethos Discussion

AMT Warrior Ethos Panel


22-26 Jun 2020:
Warrior Ethos in a Fourth Industrial Revolution World

Day 1:
The Warrior Ethos: From the Plains of Troy to the Depths of Space
Dr. Stephen Randolph

The Warrior Ethos in Space and Time

Today’s Warrior Ethos and Why it Matters

Warriors at War: The Air Force and the Vietnam War

Day 2:
Jimmy Doolittle: Warrior, Scholar, Innovator
Dr. John Abbatiello

Introduction and Overview of Jimmy Doolittle’s Career

Doolittle’s Early Career

Doolittle at War in Europe

Post-War Career and Wrap-up

Day 3:
The All-Volunteer Force (AVF) Shapes the American Warrior Ethos
Lt Gen (ret) Christopher Miller and Brig Gen (ret) Gary Packard

The Transition from Conscript to Volunteer

The Garrison/Guardian Force of the Cold War

The History of Integration in the Armed Forces

Day 4:
From Expeditionary to Cyber to Space
Lt Gen (ret) Christopher Miller

From Desert Storm to Inherent Resolve

Social Media, Cultural Sensitivity, and World Events

The Future of Warrior Ethos in a Technology Dominated World

Day 5:
Brig Gen (ret) Gary Packard, C1C Michael Greisman, and C2C Conley Walters Interview Senior Leaders

Warrior Ethos Reflection with Lt Gen (ret) Miller and Brig Gen (ret) Gary Packard


Cadets interview the CSAF, Gen David L. Goldfein about Warrior Ethos

Password: Usaf1947! 


Password: USAFA_IFC_2020 


Cadets interview Gen (ret) Gregory “Speedy” Martin about Warrior Ethos

Password: USAFA_IFC_2020