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Falcon Heritage

Falcon Heritage connects the Cadet Wing with our nation’s distinguished veterans/mentors – providing a window into the history of service they will be joining. In order to strengthen appreciation for Air Force heritage and enhance perspective on being a leader of character in the Profession of Arms, cadets experience this two-part program:

  • The annual Falcon Heritage Experience highlights heritage and the application of air power
  • The semi-annual Falcon Heritage Forum highlights the “Warrior Ethos” – perseverance, courage and integrity – and links cadets with the wealth of experience and military heritage embodied in our nation’s distinguished veterans

For past events, we’ve brought in warrior speakers featured in the Air Force’s “Portraits in Courage” series and have participated in Honor Flight, where United States Air Force Academy cadets escorted our nation’s WWII heroes to Washington.

In addition, Academy graduates also return to share their personal, inspirational stories with current cadets. Many of the graduates who return as speakers focus on Academy and Air Force heritage, as well as discussing the positive impact the Academy had on who they became as officers within the Air Force.

If you are a graduate and are interested in returning to the Academy as a speaker at Falcon Heritage Forum, please contact ccld@usafa.edu.