United States Air Force Academy

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Character & Leadership Seminars

Each year, cadets take part in various character and leadership development courses, workshops and lectures.

Fourth-Class Year – FORCE: Fourth-Class Orientation to Character Effectiveness

Cadets are introduced to Air Force qualities of effective followership. They are taught and challenged to practice:

  • Self-management
  • Commitment
  • Competence
  • Courage

Cadets will make a commitment to apply the basic tenets of followership throughout all facets of the United States Air Force Academy experience – from within their squadrons to the athletic fields and academic environment.

Third-Class Year – THRIVE: Third-Class Human Behavior & Relationships in Varied Environments

THRIVE helps cadets improve their interpersonal relationships by:

  • Increasing understanding of self and others
  • Expanding appreciation for valuing differences
  • Communication skill-building
  • Identifying avenues for a more harmonious, productive environment
  • Establishing a common language that accelerates problem solving, increases trust and reduces conflict

These skills are applied to cadets’ professional relationships both up and down the chain of command.

Supervisory Preparation

During this program, cadets work to understand their supervisory responsibilities and how to conduct engagements with their assigned fourth class cadet(s).

Second-Class Year – IMPACT 301: Instilling and Modeling the Profession of Arms and Character in a Team

A capstone experience for second-class cadets where they demonstrate their competence and commitment as stewards of culture and climate for the Cadet Wing from their respective sphere of influence. The program helps cadets understand their leadership responsibilities and how to oversee and protect that which is worth caring for and preserving – in this case the Cadet Wing.

First-Class Year – IMPACT 401: Instilling and Modeling the Profession of Arms and Character in a Team

301/401 have the same description.

Other Programs – Adventure Based Learning (ABL)

This optional program offers high and low-ropes course ABL exercises for cadets and other military organizations throughout the year. Sessions include “Alpine Tower,” zip-line experiences and various mental and physical challenges.