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Center for Educational Innovation Faculty

Rob Flaherty
Dr. Rob Flaherty

Associate Dean for Educational Innovation

(719) 333-7990

Dr. Calli Holaway

Director of Assessments

(719) 333-3994

Amy Munson
Dr. Amy Munson

Director of Instructional Design

(719) 333-3395

Marc Napolitano
Dr. Marc Napolitano

Director of Faculty Development

(719) 333-2311

Lauren Scharff
Dr. Lauren Scharff

Director, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program

(719) 333-3277

Andrea Trocha-Van Nort
Dr. Andrea Trocha-Van Nort

Professor of English and Director of the Academy Scholars Program

(719) 333-1894

Patricia Vollmer
Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Vollmer

Deputy Associate Dean for Educational Innovation

(719) 333-4168


Director of Educational Technology

(719) 333-3994