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Culture, Climate & Diversity

“Respect in the Profession of Arms goes beyond professional courtesy. It means accepting others for who they are, embracing a heightened personal sense of humility and fostering an environment of inclusiveness in which every Airman is able and eager to offer their contributions and employ their skills, abilities and ideas. It means treating the equipment and resources in our possession with care, understanding and embracing the power of diversity and holding those who mistreat others accountable.” — Contrails, Volume 62

Diversity in all its forms is critical to success at the United States Air Force Academy, just as it is in the Air Force. Different backgrounds, experiences and frames of thought contribute to stronger teams and continued innovation. Below are just a few of the Academy’s current initiatives dedicated to these efforts:


The United States Air Force Academy’s Directorate for Culture, Climate and Diversity (CCD) consists of three divisions: Sexual Assault Prevention & Response, Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Analysis, and Diversity and Inclusion Analysis.

CCD Director

The Director for CCD is the Academy’s strategic leader, diversity advocate and principle advisor to the Academy’s leadership on culture, climate and diversity matters. The goal of the CCD is to promote a culture of commitment and a climate of respect across the Academy whereby each person’s unique perspectives and abilities are leveraged for maximum benefit to the mission.

Purpose of the CCD
  • Effectively integrate and oversee actions in the culture, climate and diversity realm at a level commensurate with the CCD’s significant position within the organization
  • Serve as a coordinating body at the Academy, adding coherence to the various culture, climate and diversity initiatives undertaken by the mission elements and subordinate organizations
  • Serve as a liaison to higher headquarters and other institution
Key Roles of the CCD
  • Assist the Academy in framing and supporting a handful of flagship-like programs that further the CCD mission and make it more visible across the campus
  • Assist the Academy in fostering a culture of commitment and a climate of respect, while celebrating diversity and inclusion
  • Collaborate with other USAFA offices and agencies to eliminate negative subcultures and illegal activities such as sexual harassment and assault
  • Support the all-important element of social cohesion at the Academy

The Academy’s Diversity Fellows Program provides cadets opportunities to develop diversity awareness as well as increased subject knowledge through an experiential, educational internship. Internships may take place at a recognized U.S. institution or agency, followed by participation in outreach activities at the Academy on behalf of the Diversity Office. The program broadens cadets’ educational experience by including goals such as:


Originally held as Women’s Forums, the Gender Forums have evolved over time to reflect the Air Force’s focus on respect for human dignity. Discussions are broken down based on class year, and designed to foster discussion on gender equality while reducing implicit factors of gender bias and hyper-masculinity. Topics include:

The program encourages discussion of societal perceptions to not only help cadets navigate life at the Academy, but also as leaders in the Air Force.




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