United States Air Force Academy

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Academy Airfield

Powered flight operations began at the United States Air Force Academy Airfield in 1974. Every year since then, approximately 1,000 cadets are commissioned as lieutenants in the Air Force, to lead our Airmen in defense of our national interests.

To prepare them for this immense task, these men and women undergo four years of intense academic, military, and physical training. As part of that mission, the Academy’s Airmanship programs are designed to expose, motivate and challenge cadets to become successful leaders in the world’s greatest Air Force.

The Airmanship Programs, including soaring, parachuting and powered flight, operate out of the Air Force Academy Airfield and provide a foundation for flight discipline and expose cadets to the rigors and fundamentals of flying. These programs also provide the foundation for personal and professional discipline required to succeed as an Air Force aviator, a path approximately half of Academy cadets pursue upon graduation.

The 306th Flying Training Group, under the 12th Flying Training Wing, headquartered at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, provides management and oversight of the Academy Airmanship programs, which operate out of the Air Force Academy airfield.

The Academy Public Affairs Office manages the Noise Complaint Program.

To submit a complaint, please complete the noise complaint form and email it to PA.COMREL2@usafa.edu.