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Center for Educational Innovation

Our mission is to promote, model, support, and celebrate evidence-based educational excellence through inspiration, integration, and innovation.
As a collaborative team of professionals we work to develop and sustain


An inclusive and respectful environment for student learning

A community and culture dedicated to teaching and learning

The practice of evidence-based improvement in programs and learning experiences

A reflective, growth-oriented and empowered mindset

A tradition of sharing and scholarship


The Center for Educational Innovation consists of six directorates, each with specific responsibilities related to the CEI mission and goals.


The Director of the Academy Scholars Program (ASP) runs a program for academically capable cadets (much like an honors program) that includes alternative core curriculum courses, special events expert speakers and unique opportunities for learning. The ASP provides a model for innovations in teaching, and seeks to instill a growth mindset in cadets.

The Director of Academic Assessment provides support at the faculty and department level for the practice of evidence-based improvement in student learning. The practice of assessment is critical to U.S. Air Force Academy’s accreditation status and provides us with the ability to pursue “excellence in all we do”.

The Director of Faculty Development helps to build a dedicated faculty community through programs aimed at cultivating reflective and growth-oriented teaching practice. The Dean’s Teaching Certificate program, for example, helps new and existing faculty members hone their skills and learn new evidence-based practices for effective teaching.

The Director of Educational Technology supports innovative classroom design and works with faculty to ensure the effective use of technology to deliver learning experiences. An increasingly technological society demands that our faculty members have access to proven (evidence-based) technologies and practices that enhance learning experiences across the diverse areas of study at the academy.

The Director of Instructional Design works with faculty and staff to create aligned learning experiences in and out of the classroom which are engaging and inclusive with an emphasis on maximizing student learning. Instructional design utilizes a variety of evidence-based practices and tools in the creation or revision of an experience, course, and/or curriculum in order to support the institutional learning outcomes in a way which can be assessed and reviewed for continuous improvement.

The Director of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) program supports faculty and staff inquiry into effective teaching practice. Researchers work with each other to generate systematic investigations into all aspects of teaching and learning. The SoTL program helps to share the results of this scholarship to empower the faculty community to become innovators.

Faculty Support

Academic Assessment: Assessing courses and degree programs

Academy Scholars Program: Providing opportunities for truly gifted cadets

Educational Technology: Using technology for teaching and learning

Faculty Development: Ideas on how to make teachers successful in each class and course

Instructional Design: Making your course and lesson the best possible learning events

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Researching and publishing teaching and learning

Dean's Certificate Program 4/20/18


Associate Dean for Educational Innovation and Center Director:
Dr. Rob Flaherty, email