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Your giving to the United States Air Force Academy educates cadets, strengthens research programs, supports athletes and prepares tomorrow’s Air Force leaders.

The Development and Alumni Programs branch accepts, processes and maintains monetary gifts to the Academy. This branch is also responsible for deposits, disbursements and stewardship of the gift fund and its subaccounts.


Gifts are accepted per 10 USC 2601. Once a gift is offered, acceptance or rejection occurs in writing. Acceptance constitutes receipt of the gift by the Air Force.

For gifts from individuals, offers may be in any written form, signed by the donor, witnessed and dated.

For gifts from corporations, one of the corporate officers must sign the offer on behalf of the entity and include a certificate evidencing authority to make the gift.

Except for gifts used to fund endowments, academic chairs or to support visiting professors, the Academy is authorized to reject or accept gifts of $100,000 or less. Gifts of more than $100,000 must be accepted at the Secretary of the Air Force level.

Part of the stewardship of all gifts to the Academy is the careful monitoring of all accounts. This ensures funds are used per the intent of the donor and provides accurate audit trails.

Each academic year, the Academy Gift Opportunities List captures program needs separated into the four pillars of excellence: academic, athletic, character development and military training. Needs are also identified in endowed chair proposals, capital projects and opportunities for class giving and memorialization.


Development and Alumni Programs Division
2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 351
United States Air Force Academy, CO 80840-4410
(719) 333-4410