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Research and Assessment Divisions

Data, Products & Services

  • Provide research, analysis and assessment for decision making
  • Administrer the institutional database and regular reports
  • Manage the USAFA Survey Program
  • Manage the USAFA Institutional Review Board

Research, Analysis & Assessment

  • Provide data & recommendations for decision makers
  • USAFA/CC special topics
  • Academy Board
  • BOV and CORONA
  • Strategic Assessment Advisory Board
  • Support to major mission elements

Recent Studies

  • USAFA Graduate Participation in Reserve & Guard
  • Modeling analysis of CSAF Survey
  • Prediction of officer success
  • Survey of graduate performance
  • Personnel impact of CS&P
  • Admissions and attrition modeling

Database and Reports

  • Access institutional database
  • Generate regular reports
    • Attrition
    • Statistical Summary
    • Class Characteristics
    • General Officer Report
    • Prep School
    • Internal reports
  • Manage Cadet Exit Interview Program
  • Complete Ad Hoc data requests

Recent Ad Hocs

  • Performance of cadets with CAP experience
  • BCT losses (17 vs 18 yr olds)
  • Honor attrition
  • Admissions analysis for Congressional & Caucus support
  • USAFA Graduates in AF
    • Performance
    • Distribution (race, gender, category)

Institutional Database

  • Admissions, Cadet, Historical, Officer
  • Over 1,000 data elements covering:
    • Demographics - Admissions
    • Cadet performance - Graduation
    • Attrition - Assignment

USAFA Survey Program

  • Implement AF (AFI 36-2601) & USAFA (USAFAI 36-2601) policy for survey development, administration and reporting
  • Survey program was established to standardize procedures, ensure command staff are informed of ongoing survey and research efforts, monitor and minimize burden placed on cadets and other respondents, and facilitate the sharing of results

XP Survey Services

  • Survey Planning
    • Establishing needs and objectives
  • Design/Development
    • Translate needs into items
  • Piloting
    • Administer, Evaluate, Validate
  • Administration
    • Logistics, Data protection
  • Reporting/Follow-up
    • Communicating result

Keys to Getting Started

  • Identify goals of survey within your organization
  • Meet with XP to discuss goals, objectives and design-analysis support needed
  • Copy of the instrument to USAFA/XP
  • Develop a results feedback plan

Institutional Research Board (IRB)

  • The purpose of the IRB is to protect the rights & welfare of human subjects in research
  • Authority and requirements derive from Federal law, DoD & AF policy, and USAFA guidelines
  • IRB reviews research involving human subjects
  • IRB reports directly to the Vice Superintendent

IRB Membership

  • Members selected IAW Federal Policy to support reserach commonly done at USAFA
  • Chairperson, Scientist, Institutional Policy, Law, Professional Standards, Nonaffiliated Community, Research Population,Advisors as required
  • Members have extensive knowledge of regulations, pitfalls, and procedures regarding human subject protection (Resource)

Criteria for Research Review

  • Risks to subjects are minimized by using sound research design
  • Risks to subjects are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits to subjects and the importance of the knowledge to be gained
  • Selection of subjects is equitable
  • Informed consent is sought and documented
  • Research provides adequate provisions for safety of subjects and maintain confidentiality of data
  • Safeguards are in place to protect the rights and welfare of vulnerable research populations

Tools for the Researcher




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