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The 10th Air Base Wing Plans and Programs Office (10 ABW/XP) manages requests to hold events at USAFA. All off-base event requestors must have a USAFA sponsor who can assist them in coordinating their event. This project officer will coordinate the event with the base organizations involved, request any required support, and ensure the event is on the USAFA Master Calendar (managed by the Vice Commandant's office, HQ USAFA/CV). The event requestor must send a complete USAFA Form 29 to 10 ABW/XP no later than 90 days prior to the event date. Complete all blocks on the form and include an agenda and information regarding event security and safety. Send completed event requests to

Events requiring committee approval are primarily those sponsored by off-base organizations. Meetings or events that are a normal function of a USAFA organization's mission, such as official visits worked by Protocol or periodic social events such as a Dining-In, do not require committee approval. In addition, small meetings or conferences held at the Falcon Club or Falcon Stadium Press Box and attended by military or DOD ID card holders need only be coordinated with the appropriate facility manager. A useful list of USAFA facility and support contacts is available here. If you have any doubt whether your event requires committee review or have any questions about the event approval process, please call (719) 333-8932/8515/3934 or email

Event requests are submitted to a committee consisting of members from every major USAFA organization and are reviewed and approved once a month. Therefore, submit your event requests no later than 90 days prior to the beginning of the event. After committee review, the requestor will be provided an event tracking number indicating whether or not the event was approved. Requestors are cautioned not to obligate funds until they receive event approval. Reasons to deny event support or approval include contractual or regulatory limitations, security conditions, or conflicts with other scheduled activities.

Granting event approval only reserves the event date and does not constitute approval or confirm scheduling of any requested support . The USAFA sponsor must request all USAFA support from the appropriate agencies using the required forms (e.g., DD Form 833 or USAFA Form 79 for audiovisual or public address support).. Transportation, civil engineering and communications support are generally not available for non-military events held at the Academy. Due to Academy funding and contractual restrictions, the requesting organization might be required to fund or reimburse some or all support costs associated with the requested event.

A useful list of USAFA facility and support contacts is available here.




For more information about the USAFA Events program, please contact us:

10th Air Base Wing Plans & Programs
5136 Eagle Drive
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DSN 333-8932, Commercial (719) 333-8932/8515/3934

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