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Dear Parents of Cadet Candidate Appointees,

Attending the USAF Academy Preparatory School is a unique experience. This experience, in small measure, is shared with you through Parents’ Weekend.

Parents’ Weekend will take place during the Labor Day Weekend, 3 – 6 Sep 2010. This is an annual event not only for the Preparatory School but also for the USAFA Academy’s nearly 4,000 cadets. For this reason it is important to make reservations for transportation and lodging as early as possible. As you can imagine, with the onslaught of so many proud parents and friends visiting the Colorado Springs area, the availability of airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars is limited. For local information on hotels, rental cars and local attractions, contact Colorado R & R. Their phone number is (719) 333-7367 or 1-877-517-3381 (toll free) or Another option available is the The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Visitor's Information page offers a list of hotels in the area for you to select from.

There are two airports which service the USAF Academy Preparatory School. It is recommended to check fares to both and consider the time/travel difference and convenience when making your selection.

There is a link for driving directions to the USAF Academy Preparatory School campus on this page. There are only two gates leading into USAF Academy base. You may enter from South Gate located on Academy Blvd (exit 150B) from I-25 or the North Gate located on North Gate Rd (exit 156B) from I-25.

Several activities are planned for this exciting weekend. Some of these activities include a Preparatory School campus and classroom visit, a Preparatory School military parade, a Preparatory School football game, and an Air Force Academy football game. In addition to events specifically provided by the Air Force Academy, there are also many tourist attractions in Colorado Springs to visit and explore.

Although the schedule is not yet fixed, there are several factors that you might want to consider when making your plans. Parents and family have the opportunity to accompany their cadet candidate to class on Friday morning…classes begin at 0730 and end at 1130. Cadet candidate Appointees are required to attend our football game on Friday afternoon, the parade on Saturday morning, and the USAF Academy Football game on Saturday afternoon. They will be allowed to spend the remainder of the weekend with their family and friends until 1800hrs (6 pm) on Monday, 6 September. More detailed event information is available below. Information is updated daily so please check the web site regularly. If you do not have access to a computer you may call Student Services for updated information at (719) 333-3057. As stated above, the schedule is not yet fixed. For this reason the cadet candidate Appointees will be briefed after classes begin in August regarding Parents’ Weekend events. After that briefing, your cadet candidate Appointee will have more information for you concerning specific events.

Welcome Letter from the Commander

Detailed Schedule of Events for the USAF Academy Prepartory School Parents' Weekend

Driving Directions to the USAF Academy Prepartory School

Parent's Weekend Fact Page

  • Air Force Academy entrance gates (North and South) will open 4 hours prior to kickoff and will remain open to the public 3 hours following the game.
  • Stadium Gates and Ticket Booths will open 2 hours prior to kickoff.
  • All persons and personal belongings entering the stadium are subject to search.
  • The following items are NOT permitted in Falcon Stadium:
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Artificial noisemakers of any kind
    • Backpacks to include bota bags, wine-skins, and camelbacks
    • Infant carrier packs permitted if infant is present
    • Bags larger than 8 x 11 inches. Hard-sided bags or coolers
      • Diaper bags are permitted if infant is present
    • Banners or large signs
    • Cameras with lenses greater than 4 inches in length
      • Handheld video cameras are permitted
    • Food or drink
      • Factory-sealed transparent soft plastic water bottles, 24 oz. or less are permitted
      • Exceptions will be made for medical conditions and infants
    • Glass containers or cans
      • Empty transparent soft plastic bottles 24 oz. or less are permitted
    • Items that can not be readily inspected
    • Items deemed dangerous or unsafe by security personnel
    • Laser pointers
    • Pets (other than working service dogs)
    • Sticks, poles or umbrellas
    • Weapons, Firearms, Fireworks
  • Express lines are available for those spectators entering the stadium with nothing to be searched.
  • Flash photography is not permitted.
  • Reentry is not permitted.
  • Seatbacks 18 inches or less are permitted. Seatbacks will be permitted as long as they don't require a search due to excessive pockets and compartments.
  • Storage of prohibited items is not provided.
  • All cadets must have their military ID card.
  • The Air Force Department of Athletics would like to thank in advance all persons for their cooperation with these policies, so that all of our fans can have a safe and secure game experience.

Colorado R & R website

Information Letter from Colorado R & R

Colorado R & R List of Hotels

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