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Colonel Kabrena E. Rodda
5220 Cedar Drive, Suite 117
USAF Academy CO 80840-3100

Dear Cadet Candidate Select,

Congratulations on your selection to attend the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Preparatory School. This July you will enter a challenging program that will test you mentally and physically. Not all students complete it, but those who do will not only be prepared for the rigors of USAFA, but also have a firm foundation for serving as officers of character in the best Air Force in the world.

As you prepare to attend the Prep School, you should know a few things. Our staff-to-student ratio is 1-to-4…unheard of in most post-secondary academic institutions. In comparison to other university or college preparatory programs, our classes are unusally small, which allows our dedicated and professional staff to provide a high level of one-on-one attention to every single student. The physical fitness portion of our curriculum is demanding, even more so because the Academy’s altitude is 7,258 feet above sea level—far, far above that of Westpoint or Annapolis! I strongly urge you to begin a daily routine of jogging ½ to 1 hour a day and doing as many push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups as you can.

A few prohibitions: This is a military unit and you will be required to adhere to all military standards. You have already signed a form listing any prior drug use and pledged not to use illegal drugs. Be advised, the possession or use of so-called "legal highs" – such as Spice, Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc. – is also prohibited for Airmen. Shortly after you arrive, you will be tested for illegal drug use. Should you test positive, you will be disenrolled. Similarly, underage drinking and providing alcohol to minors are treated as very serious offenses and will be dealt with harshly. Finally, you may not have any dependents while attending the Prep School.

Must do: Immediately and accurately complete the information contained in this package. See the enclosed Required Items Checklist for a complete list. It is important that you return all documents promptly. The form letters are for information only and designed to familiarize you with our program.

Parents and family are encouraged (but not required) to accompany you to in-processing. While here, they will be briefed in detail about the program and have an opportunity to see our facilities. Those unable to attend in-processing will have an opportunity to receive a similar briefing during Parent’s Weekend. If you or your family have any questions concerning this package or the Preparatory School in general, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Student Services at (719) 333-2583.

Again, congratulations on your Preparatory School Selection. We look forward to helping you prepare to be the very BEST fourthclass cadets in USAFA’s Class of 2019. Go Huskies!



Kabrena E. Rodda, Colonel, USAF


    Day of In-Processing Information

    • Your admission letter signed by Dr. Prosseda will be your key to get on base. Please ensure your driver has a current Drivers License, Insurance Card, and Registration. Vehicles are subject to search by the 10 ABW/SFS.
    • If you are delayed for any reason and will not arrive at the time required, immediately call 719-338-5648 to let the Prep School know. We will advise you what to do.

      • Priors report to the Prep School between 1000-1200 on 9 July 2014 at the F-100 Static Aircraft (near dorms/West end of campus)

      • Directs report to the Prep School between 0730-0800 on 16 July 2014 (Use In-Processing map under general information)

  1. General Information

  2. Financial Readiness

  3. Medical Readiness

  4. Clothing Measurements

  5. Gender:

  6. Security Readiness

    • You must have all items listed in the following document with you when you arrived to the Preparatory School :

    • Fill out the following form and bring it with you to the Preparatory School to help you answer questions you will be asked:
      (If you are comfortable with the idea, compress the file, encrypt it using a password, and then email yourself a copy as a backup.)

  7. National Guard and Reservists ONLY


  9. Public Affairs Release

    • The candidate has to sign his/her name, print his/her name and write the date in the “talent” box. Everything else should be left blank. Mail the form back to the Prep school address or email it back. (See address at bottom of page.)

  10. Association of Graduates Bed and Breakfast

    • Students may take advantage of the bed and breakfast option the Association of Graduates (AOG) offers the night before in-processing. Students can sign up and the AOG will coordinate a ride from the airport, a safe place to sleep, and a meal for them to eat all for a very small cost.



Prior to this, have you served in the military (are you prior service)? (Under Review)



Prohibited Items

*** The following items will be confiscated by Prep School Staff if brought to in-processing.

  • Personally Operated Vehicles (POVs)

  • Weapons and ammunitions of any kind (knives, guns, to include airsoft/paintball guns)

  • Explosives (fireworks, smoke bombs, road flares, etc.)

  • Alcohol

  • Illegal drugs (including marijuana and synthetic drugs, i.e. spice/bath salts)

  • Pornography (books, magazines, pictures, movies, personal satisfaction devices, etc.)

  • Perishable food items

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