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The school year is divided into quarters, each approximately nine weeks long. In addition to math, science and english courses, the Prep School offers a course in basic study skills to help students make the transition to the demanding requirements of college academics. During Basic Military Training students take test to determine placement in regular or advanced courses.


We've designed a math program that provides intense instruction in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Students will take two math courses each quarter. One sequence of courses is focused on algebra and the other focuses on trigonometry and then leads into calculus.

During the spring quarters, exceptionally qualified students will be invited to take Calculus 141, a course at the Academy, instead of the Prep School trigonometry/calculus courses. Students may receive Academy credit for the successful completion of Calc 141 after passing a placement exam in the summer of their fourth-class year.


The mission of the English department is to teach you to read, think, speak, listen and write effectively at the collegiate level. The primary focus of the English program is on writing. During the first quarter, students take a course on writing personal essays. This course also covers basic grammar and composition skills. The second quarter covers argumentative essays. The third quarter builds on the skills learned in the beginning of the year and highlights research and writing. Students will write a college level research paper using the research techniques they have mastered. Students will be evaluated on their mastery of grammar, argument, research technique, and proper formatting and publication at the collegiate level. The fourth quarter is a capstone reading and writing course in “Literature, Leadership and Character”. The English department also administers the Study Skills course to perfect time-management and academic skills. It also offers a history course designed to introduce students to college level reading assignments and social science analysis.

As is the case with math, outstanding English students are invited to take a course at the Academy during the spring semester. these students will take English 111, rather than the Prep School courses.


The science program is built on problem-solving skills in science, chemistry and physics. The science program starts with data analysis and hypothesis creation in the first quarter and then moves into chemistry for the last three quarters. Students with a strong background in chemistry may take an accelerated chemistry sequence starting in the second quarter. The accelerated courses closely resemble Chemistry 100 and Chemistry 200 at the Academy. The advanced courses closely resemble Chemistry 100 and Chemistry 200 at the Academy.

During the spring quarters, exceptionally qualified students are invited to take calculus-based physics rather than algebra. The physics sequence substitutes for the last two quarters of algebra. At the end of the school year, these students take an assessment test, and those who earn a qualifying score receive credit for Introductory Physics at the Academy.

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