Parents' Weekend 2016!
September 2-5

Visitor Information & Attachments

Parents' Weekend 2016 begins on Friday, 2 September, and ends on Labor Day, 5 September 2016. Parents' Weekend is an exciting time for cadets, their families and guests. The information on this website is to assist you with planning for various Parents' Weekend events. Please review the information so you can coordinate your visit.

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Handicapped Information
Falcon Stadium Entrance Policy

The base is open to visitors daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. via the North Gate. On Friday of Parents Weekend, the North Gate will open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 10:30 p.m. You may be asked to show a DOD ID card or your driver's license upon entry to the base. Also have available your proof of insurance and a valid vehicle registration or rental car agreement. All vehicles entering the base are subject to inspection/search by security personnel. Guests should refrain from bringing large bags, coolers, backpacks or other items that will require additional scrutiny or searches from security personnel. Note that seatbelts must be worn by all vehicle occupants at all times when driving on the Academy. The parking pass identifies your vehicle as belonging to a USAFA visitor - please print the pass and place it in your driver's side dash. Remember that the pass does not get you on base - you must show valid identification to enter the base. All non-DOD visitors must enter through the North Gate. If you have a handicapped placard from your state, please bring it with you so you can access the handicapped parking area (immediately north of Stillman Parade Field).

All vehicles entering the base are subject to inspection by security personnel. Guests should refrain from bringing large bags, coolers, thermoses, backpacks or other items that will require additional scrutiny or searches from security personnel.

Please make sure to follow all posted speed limits when driving on the base. Note that seatbelts must be worn by all vehicle occupants at all times when driving on the Academy. Drivers may not use hand-held cellular phones while the vehicle is in motion. If you need to make or take a call, please use a hands-free device or pull to the side of the road. Also, be aware that radar detectors are not permitted on base. Finally, keep in mind that wildlife such as deer, elk and wild turkeys can be a hazard while driving on the Academy. Please be alert for them and drive carefully. Remember, they have the right-of-way!

If Force Protection Conditions (FPCONs) change due to world events or events closer to home, some scheduled events may change or require additional security precautions for the safety of all our guests. Any event changes will be advertised in local media and on the message boards at both entry gates.
Guest parking for all events in the Cadet Area is in the cadet lots just south and east of the Cadet Field House and north of Stillman Field. Shuttle buses will run to each event unless otherwise indicated. Please follow signs to event parking. There is no cadet or parent parking permitted in the upper Harmon Hall parking lot on Friday of Parents' Weekend or on the shoulders of the roads at any time. Please see cadet area map here for locations of guest parking for Parents' Weekend.

Please plan to arrive early for all Parents' Weekend events, especially the parade. Traffic, parking and security checks may result in delays getting to your destination. Remember, 8,000+ cadet parents, siblings and guests will all be arriving at USAFA on Friday morning at about the same time! When you arrive on the base (all non-DOD ID card holders must use the North Gate), follow the signs to visitor parking in the Cadet Field House and Reservoir parking lots. Vehicles MUST be parked in designated parking spaces only--violators may be ticketed or towed at owner's expense. There is no guest or cadet parking permitted in the Harmon Hall parking lot on Friday. Private vehicles may not enter the Cadet Area during Parents' Weekend. Shuttle buses will operate from visitor parking lots on Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., transporting guests to and from the various events within the Cadet Area. Guests are also welcome to walk from the parking areas. Buses will stop at designated bus stops (identified by signs and benches). No shuttles will run during the weekend.

Throughout your visit, please be prepared with good walking shoes and bottles of water, since bus wait times may sometimes be longer than expected. Although handicapped shuttles will be available throughout the Cadet Area, there may be extensive walking required from bus stops to your final destination. Please make sure to consider this when bringing elderly or infirm guests to the Academy.
Please make sure to arrange a convenient meeting location with your cadet ahead of time (such as in front of the Cadet Field House, Arnold Hall or the Core Values Ramp). If you should miss your cadet at the scheduled time, pre-arrange to meet prior to his/her next class at the base of the Core Values Ramp near the Fairchild Hall bus stop (see page 10 for class times). If you should lose each other altogether, you may receive assistance from staff positioned at the base of the ramp near the east end of Vandenberg Hall. The "Lost Parents Booth" will have cadet class schedules and can escort you to your cadet's next class. If you arrive after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, please plan to meet your cadet at the Cadet Field House at a prearranged time. All cadets should have their cell phones on Friday morning of Parents' Weekend, so we recommend you communicate via phone if you lose each other.

NOTE: We appreciate your not interfering with your cadet's military duties. During the parade, we ask parents to stay off the parade field until the conclusion of the parade.

Upon completion of the summer program, all Fourth-Class cadets will change from summer squadrons (letters A-H) to numbered squadrons (1-40). Please be sure to ask your cadet the number of his/her new squadron. Staff at the Information Fair will have listings of cadets and their squadrons in case you were not able to get in touch with your cadet prior to Parents' Weekend.

Cadets will be permitted to have their personal cellular phones throughout Parents' Weekend, so feel free to contact them directly. However, if you cannot reach your cadet, you can contact their squadron at the phone numbers listed below.

To call your cadet in his or her Squadron, locate the squadron telephone number on the list below. The prefix for the Academy is 333-XXXX. The area code for the Academy is 719.

Please use the Cadet in Charge of Quarters (CCQ) number when calling a cadet. It can be very difficult to contact a cadet during the academic day. In most cases, you will have to leave a message for your cadet to return your call. If you must talk to a cadet (emergencies only), call the Air Officer Commanding (AOC) or the Commandant of Cadets Command Center at 333-2910. CCQ Duty Hours (times are subject to change): Weekends/Holidays: 6:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. (11:00 p.m. on last day of weekend/holiday); Academic Days: 6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Cadet Squadron Locations: Sijan Hall-Squadrons 24-40; Vandenberg Hall—Squadrons 1-23

Key for codes below: Vandy Tower (VT), Vandy Main (VM), Sijan Main (SM) and Sijan Tower (ST).

CCQ / AOC Phone
Dorm SQ
CCQ / AOC Phone
4534 / 8991
VT 11
4581 / 4539
4533 / 4537
VT 12
4448 / 4608
4640 / 4548
VT 13
4757 / 4758
4612 / 4541
VT 14
4759 / 4767
4535 / 4524
VT 15
4669 / 4668
4551 / 4532
VT 16
4675 / 4671
9994 / 4518
VT 17
4501 / 4785
4491 / 4550
VT 18
4777 / 4768
4574 / 4552
VM 19
4741 / 4751
4500 / 4569
VM 20
4712 / 6521
CCQ / AOC Phone
Dorm SQ
CCQ / AOC Phone
4666 / 4456
VM 31
3050 / 4474
4659 / 4594
VM 32
3052 / 4451
4529 / 4457
VM 33
4300 / 4604
4447 / 4559
SM 34
4304 / 4444
4695 / 4798
SM 35
4311 / 4606
6842 / 4766
SM 36
4306 / 4476
4660 / 4424
SM 37
0667 / 0337
4748 / 4408
SM 38
0668 / 0338
4717 / 1880
SM 39
0669 / 0339
4711 / 4465
SM 40
0670 / 0340
There are numerous motels and hotels in the Colorado Springs area; however, the Pikes Peak Region is a nationally known resort area, and holiday weekends are particulary popular, with many special events taking place in the city and surrounding areas. For lodging information, you may contact any of the below listed organizations or any websites that assist with lodging:

Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, (877) 745-3773

Colorado R&R, (877) 517-3381 or (719) 333-7367

Rampart Lodge, USAFA's military lodging facility, (719) 333-4910
Please ensure children and young adults wear appropriate clothing for a visit to a national military academy. Plan to dress sensibly and comfortably for outdoor activities such as the Cadet Wing Parades. Since a visit to the Academy may require extensive walking, wear good walking shoes. We suggest that guests bring sun block, hats and raingear for scheduled outside events. For Chapel services and official ceremonies, please dress appropriately; for example, dress or slacks for ladies, coat and tie for gentlemen and Service Dress uniform or equivalent for military members.

The Air Force Academy Cadet Area is approximately 7,300 feet above sea level. At this altitude, it is possible to contract an illness known as acute mountain or high-altitude sickness. The common symptoms of this disorder include headache, malaise, nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath. Most cases of acute mountain sickness are mild but the altitude may exacerbate other existing medical conditions. High altitude sickness usually resolves within a few days once an individual has had a chance to adapt to the increased elevation. The best way to avoid illness is to allow yourself to acclimatize: try not to over-exert yourself in the first days after your arrival and make sure to drink sufficient fluids to avoid dehydration. Don't go sight seeing at higher elevations (i.e., up in the mountains) until after you have been in Colorado Springs for a few days. Alcohol consumption may worsen these symptoms, so make sure to drink in moderation.

Due to our location on the Front Range of the Rockies and our high elevation, weather at the Academy can be highly unpredictable and change rapidly. It can be sunny and warm one day and rainy, foggy and cold the next day. The daytime high temperature is usually in the 80's, and the evening low in the 50's at this time of year. We recommend you bring sunscreen, clear, unopened water bottles and hats for good weather and rain coats/hats for bad weather. To better plan your day, see the USAFA weather site.

Hiking during a thunderstorm in Colorado's mountains can be very dangerous. In the summer, thunderstorms typically begin to form over the mountains in late morning or early afternoon. To minimize your risk of exposure to lightning, it's best to hike early in the morning.

WARNING SYSTEM. Here at the Air Force Academy, the "Giant Voice System" (an outdoor loud-speaker system) will activate when a thunderstorm or lightning threatens the area. When lightning poses a threat, a notification to seek shelter will be broadcast over Giant Voice, warning guests to shelter immediately or limit exposure to the outdoors. Guests should remain in an indoor location until it has been determined that lightning is out of the area or no longer a threat.
On Friday of Parents' Weekend, the USAFA airfield will be open to visitors from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to provide orientations and answer parent questions. Come view static displays of USAFA aircraft and visit with the staff of the 306th Flying Training Group. Cadets must escort their guests to the airfield.

306 FTG: The 306th Flying Training Group is located east of Stadium Boulevard and welcomes guests escorted by their cadet on Friday of Parents' Weekend. The airfield is closed on Saturday and Sunday and for the Monday holiday.

The 306 FTG has a long and distinguished history, beginning with an integral role in WWII and continuing to its current mission of ";developing the character, education and leadership of tomorrow's Airmen through airmanship programs in powered flight, soaring and parachuting." Originally established as the 306th Bombardment Group (Heavy) at Gowen Field, ID, on 28 Jan 1942, the 306th now belongs to the Air Education and Training Command and provides support to the US Air Force Academy.

94 FTS, 98 FTS and 557 FTS: The 94th, 98th and 557th Flying Training Squadrons (FTS) are the most productive flying training squadrons in the Air Force. The 94 FTS conducts over 17,000 training and competition glider sorties annually, focused on developing officership, leadership and character of USAFA and ROTC cadets. It operates airmanship training at USAF's busiest daytime, VFR-only airfield to provide the maximum opportunity for cadet participation in a USAF operational environment, motivating them toward careers as Air Force officers. The 98 FTS is the Air Force Academy's parachute training squadron, which offers free fall parachute training in which students are solo and unassisted on their very first jump. The 557 FTS is home to the Air Force Academy's Powered Flight Program and Cadet Flying Team, and teaches fundamentals of powered flight while exposing cadets to a USAF operational environment.

Soaring (Glider) Program: During their four-degree year, all cadets are offered the opportunity to fly the glider in a four-ride, "Introduction to Soaring" program. In their third-class year, cadets may challenge themselves with an opportunity to solo in a glider in the Basic Soaring program. Cadets who complete the Basic Soaring course may apply for enrollment in a semester-long upgrade course to become one of the "Youngest Instructor Pilots in the Air Force" in a glider. In this and other advanced courses, cadets experience many aspects of leadership while instructing soaring. Soaring instructors can also compete to become members of the Aerobatic Glider Team or the Sailplane Racing Team.

Parachute Training: Cadets may elect to enter freefall parachute training after their Fourth-Class year. Those who successfully complete training (five jumps) earn Military Parachute Wings. Cadets who excel in the basic freefall program may be selected to continue in more advanced courses, becoming jumpmasters and members of the Academy parachute team, Wings of Blue, the top collegiate parachuting team in the country. The Wings of Blue team carries the Air Force flag in front of two million spectators annually and is recognized as the official parachute team of the U.S. Air Force.

USAF Academy Flying Team: Cadets with an FAA private pilot license are encouraged to apply for the USAF Academy Flying Team. Participation on the flying team is an extracurricular activity. The team competes in flying events such as navigation, message drop, and power-on and power-off spot landings, as well as ground events such as simulator, aircraft identification and computer accuracy. Cadets selected for the team undergo rigorous training in the specialties in which they will compete. The team has a long history of winning first-place at the regional level and has developed into one of the top flying competition teams in the country.

USAF Academy Aero Club: The USAF Academy Aero Club, through the Academy Flight Training Center, enables cadets to fly general aviation aircraft during their free time. They may obtain private, commercial and instrument certificates. Aircraft may also be used for recreational and cross-country flights. Discounts are available for Prep School candidates and USAFA cadets.

Powered Flight Program: The Powered Flight Program provides cadets an introduction into an operational USAF flying squadron environment through powered flight and solo opportunities in the T-53. Cadets progress through a syllabus where they are introduced to aircraft systems, emergency procedures, basic flying maneuvers and landings. The core learning outcomes of leadership, discipline and courage are developed as they progress to an opportunity to solo the T-53 after approximately nine sorties.

We are pleased to offer you and your family the opportunity to use the following USAFA facilities:

Academy Falcon Club: Located on Academy Drive. Join us for a Sunday Brunch from 10:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. We recommend calling (719) 333-4253 for reservations. Coat and tie are not required; however, civilian attire must be in good taste (no blue jeans or shorts). The club will be closed on Labor Day.

Peregrine Pines FamCamp: A secluded recreational vehicle park in the pines with 105 campsites, each with a table, grill, electrical, water and sewer hookups. Other amenities include shower, laundry, restroom facilities and a small community facility. Located just east of Stadium Blvd, one-half mile north of Falcon Stadium. Open year round. A dump station with water is available next to the camp. Call (719) 333-4980 for reservations and information. Parents of cadets may make reservations up to ninety days in advance.

Equestrian Center: Located in Pine Valley adjacent to Pike National Forest. Trail riding at the Equestrian Center is a real bargain. Not only are the rates unbeatable, you get access to many acres at the Academy as well as 44,000 acres of pristine wilderness in the adjoining Pike National Forest. You can ride our beautiful trails on an hourly basis or pay one price for all day. Evening guided family rides are available by reservation and limited to immediate family members of authorized military personnel. The Equestrian Center will be open on Labor Day and closed Tuesday. For further information, call (719) 333-4607.

Eisenhower Golf Course: Voted best golf course in the Department of Defense and best golf course in the Air Force. The Eisenhower Golf Course is the finest 36 holes of golf available in Colorado! The golf course entrance is located off Parade Loop. During Parents' Weekend, cadets can reserve tee times for parents and family members by calling (719) 333-4735. Rental golf clubs and carts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the high altitude in Colorado, we recommend visitors consider using golf carts. Also, you are welcome to visit our golf pro shop and snack bar.

Academy Flight Training Center: Interested in aviation for your cadet? We invite you to stop by the USAF Academy Flight Training Center for information on the immediate and long-range advantages of flight. Also available, on a prescheduled basis, is an orientation flight that is designed to demonstrate some of the aspects of flight training your cadet will be eligible to receive. Discounts are available for Prep School candidates and USAFA cadets. For more information, please call (719) 333-4542.

Farish Recreation Area: How would you like to see Mother Nature at her best? We have alpine fishing, lodging, camping, mountain biking, paddle boating and miles of beautiful hiking trails. Advanced reservations for lodging are required. For additional information, call (719) 687-9098.
Indoor Pool: The indoor pool at the Base Fitness Sports Center will be open Sat-Sun 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. and Mon-Fri 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Guests must be escorted by authorized military members. For more information, call (719) 333-4522.

Academy Bowling Center: Looking for some indoor exercise? Try our base bowling lanes, located at 5128 Cathedral Drive in the Community Center area. Hours are subject to change. Also, try our famous burgers along with our snack bar specials. For further information, call (719) 333-4709.

Barry Goldwater Visitor Center: The Visitor Center features electronic and photo displays on Academy history and cadet life, a 250-seat theater in which a 14-minute film on the Academy experience is shown every half hour, a gift shop and a snack bar with indoor and outdoor seating. A one-third mile paved nature trail leads from the Visitor Center to the Cadet Chapel. During Parents' Weekend, the Visitor Center and Cadet Gift Shop at the Cadet Field House offer cadets and military members a 10% discount on all regularly priced items.

Cadet Activities (Arnold Hall): Arnold Hall, the Cadet Social Center, offers facilities for your use during Parents’ Weekend. Visit our various displays, exhibits and artwork honoring Air Force leaders, heroes and Air Force history.

Falcon Gift Shop (Cadet Field House): A wonderful selection of Air Force Academy gifts and clothing. During Parents' Weekend, the Visitor Center and Cadet Gift Shop at the Cadet Field House offer cadets and military members a 10% discount on all regularly priced items.
(719) 333-1110

(719) 333-2636

Arnold Hall
(719) 333-4497
Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Labor Day - Closed

(719) 333-4253
Lunch: Tue-Fri 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Sat & Labor Day - Closed

(719) 333-3300
(719) 333-4735

(719) 333-2710
Thur 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.
Fri 7:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m.
Sat 9:00 a.m.-1:30 a.m.
Sun, Labor Day 9:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

(719) 333-4709
Mon–Thur 11:00 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Fri–Sat 11:00 a.m.-10:30 p.m.
Sun 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Doolittle Hall
(719) 472-0300
Weekdays 7:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

(719) 472-0102
Fri-Mon 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

(BCT Videos/Yearbooks/Photographs)
(719) 333-4644
(closed weekends & holidays)
(719) 333-4980
Mon–Fri 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.