United States Air Force Academy: Agenda for Change


Mission and Values

The United States Air Force Academy exists to educate, train, and inspire so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to our core values of integrity, service, and excellence; professional growth throughout a career as an officer in the US Air Force, and; a lifetime of selfless service to the nation. Above all else, the Air Force Academy is a military organization designed to serve the Air Force and our nation. In pursuit of its goal to produce leaders of character, the Academy must establish and nurture policies that emphasize the character expected from commissioned Air Force officers.

To remain relevant to the larger Air Force, the Air Force Academy must focus on the deliberate development of Air Force officers, providing the required mentoring, guidance, and discipline to produce future leaders. The Academy will not be managed as a separate entity; rather, it must reflect the values and norms of the broader Air Force while maintaining the high academic standards of a world-class university.

The Cadet Wing, Group, and Squadron

Every officer and NCO assigned to the Academy will make it their duty to develop and mentor cadets into model officers. The focal point for this effort is the squadron Air Officer Commanding (AOC) and Military Training Leader (MTL). The AOC and MTL will lead, develop and mentor the cadets in their charge with a deep personal commitment that models the command relationship between the squadron commander and first sergeant. The universal guiding principle for all cadets, officers, and NCOs will be honor, integrity, and mutual respect that is the hallmark of the Academy tradition.

Honor, Integrity, Mutual Respect

The Cadet Honor Code

Policy Directives and Initiatives


Cadet Life

Officer/NCO Selection, Training, Roles

Broader Academy Climate

The academic and athletic elements of the Academy will be recognized as contributions to the military purpose of the institution.

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