The Academy develops a diverse group of professional Air Force officers who think critically, lead with character, and serve the nation.
These developmental goals are achieved by the USAFA Course of Instruction, which is designed to accomplish nine institutional outcomes:
  1. Critical Thinking – to apply self-aware, informed, and reflective reasoning for problem solving and decision making in the absence of ideal information.
  2. Application of Engineering Fundamentals – to understand the opportunities, requirements, and constraints imposed by the scientific and mathematical workings of the universe, supported by knowledge of the current and projected state of technology.
  3. Scientific Reasoning and the Principles of Science – to apply scientific habits of mind, including proficiency in the nature of science, scientific reasoning, and the principles
    of science.
  4. The Human Condition, Cultures, and Societies – to comprehend what it means to be human, the individual situated in a culture and society, and the interactions of people from different socio-cultural milieus.
  5. Leadership, Teamwork, and Organizational Management– to apply character-based leadership principles at the personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational levels.
  6. Clear Communication – to express ideas in writing or in a prepared, purposeful presentation with the intent to enhance knowledge, foster understanding, and stimulate new thinking by the receivers.
  7. Ethics and Respect for Human Dignity – to recognize ethical alternatives among the options available, use ethical judgment to select the best alternative, and act consistently to respect the dignity of all affected persons.
  8. National Security of the American Republic - to possess the knowledge necessary to protect the fundamental values and core interests of the United States, and recognize the broader political context in which military force must be employed.
  9. Warrior Ethos as Airmen and Citizens – to persevere despite physical and mental hardships; embrace the oath of office and the profession of arms; adopt the core values; and value all Airmen.

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