Why Systems Engineering?
The USAF desperately needs "airmen and a vibrant civilian workforce with science, technology and systems engineering skills." Dr Roche, Former Secretary of the Air Force
Dr. Roche, Former Secretary of the Air Force
"Then, at the suggestion of John Jumper (USAF Chief-of-Staff), we are creating a major at the U.S. Air Force Academy in systems engineering - not to raise systems engineers but to make sure that our future pilots, the officers in our air operations centers, battle managers and many others, think in systems engineering terms. Because the technology of our service grows and grows and we must be able to master it if we are going to have a comparative advantage over any potential enemy." -- Dr Roche, Former Secretary of the Air Force.

The Systems Engineering (SE) Major at a Glance ...
Systems Engineering is a broad discipline that addresses the engineering of large, complex systems and the integration of the many subsystems that comprise the larger system. All of these various components must function together in an effective and efficient manner in order to carry out the mission. The systems engineer designs, integrates, and helps to ensure smooth functioning of complex systems typical in today's high-tech Air Force. The systems engineer is a "big picture" engineer, always keeping an eye on the design of the overall system to ensure that it will meet the needs of all the system's stakeholders, including operators, maintainers and commanders, and even our ultimate customer -- the American public!

Cadets in the Systems Engineering (SE) major get experience applying their specialties by teaming up with engineering domain specific cadets in one of several defined Capstone Design projects in the following departments: Aeronautical Engineering, Astronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, and Operations Research.   Here are some of the exciting projects our cadets are working...

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