INSS Research Papers


The Changing Balance of Power in the Asian-Pacific Region and Optimum US Defense Strategy and US Air Force Strategic Posture
By Dr. Stephan F. Burgess, US Air War College, 2016
Uganda: Perfection Of Post-Conflict Stability Or Ticking Time Bomb?
By Kristin M. Pearson and Alex S. Pedersen, United States Air Force Academy, 2016
Russia and Countering Violent Extremism in the Internet and Social Media: Exploring Prospects for U.S.-Russia Cooperation Beyond the "Re-set"
By Dr. Sharyl Cross, 2013
Has the US Military in the Horn of Africa Been a Force that Embraces Strategic Knowledge and Perspective in Countering Violent Extremism and Assisting with Sustainable Development?
By Dr. Stephen F. Burgess, 2013
Gunboat Diplomacy in the South China Sea
By Matthew R. Costlow, 2013
Strategic Culture and Burden Sharing in NATO: False Friends?
By Maj Jordan Becker, USMA, 2012
Arbiters of Social Unrest: Military Responses to the Arab Spring
By Maj William Parsons and Maj William Taylor, US Army
, 2011
Potential Partners in the Pacific? Soft Power and the Sino-NATO Relationship
By Tania M. Chacho, PhD, USMA, 2011
Geothinking Like the Chinese: A Potential Explanation of China's Geostrategy
By Timothy L. Thomas, 2011
The Effect of China's Scramble for Resources and African Resource Nationalism on the Supply of Strategic Southern African Minerals: What Can the United States Do?
By Dr. Stephen F. Burgess, 2011
Sustainability of Strategic Minerals in Southern Africa and Potential Conflicts and Partnerships
By Dr. Stephen F. Burgess, 2010
Beyond Pain: Coercing Violent Non-State Actors
By Lt Col Troy S. Thomas, US Air Force, 2010
Contemporary Sino-Russian Security Partnership: Challenges and Opportunities for the United States
By Paul J. Bolt and Sharyl N. Cross, 2009
Science, Technology, and the Quest for International Influence
By Damon Coletta, 2009
Chinese Attitudes on Preventive War and the "Preemption Doctrine"
By Scott A. Silverstone, 2009
Environmental Threats to Security, Stability, and U.S. Interests in Southern Africa: Opportunitiy Knocks - Time for a Comprehensive Region Defense Environmental International Cooperation and Environmental Security Assistance Strategy
By Dr. Christopher Jasparro, 2009
Islam in Tanzania and Kenya: Ally or Foe in the War on Terror?
By Major Jodi Vittori and Dr. Kristin Bremer, Professor and Chair Political Science, Kutztown University, 2009
Lending a Helping Hand: People's Liberation Army and Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief
By Lt Col Tania M. Chacho, Department of Social Sciences, West Point, 2009
Reweaving The Gordian Knot
By Lt Col Susan F. Bryant, US Army, 2008
US Africa Command, Changing Security Dynamics
By Dr. Stephen F. Burgess, Department of International Security, Air War College, 2008
Super Bugs, Resurgent and Emerging Diseases, and Pandemics
By Dr. Frances T. Pilch, Department of Political Science USAFA and 2d Lt Kenneth Grosselin, 2008
Russia's Role in the Emerging Eurasian Security Environment
By Dr. David H. Sacko, Department of Political Science USAFA, 2008
Developing Civil-Military Competencies Among Senior National Security Practicioners
By Dr. Marybeth P. Ulrich, Department of National Security and Strategy, Strategic Studies Institute, 2008
The Future Role and Need for Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century
By Lt Col Sherry L. Stearns-Boles, Air Force Fellow, 2007
China's National Security Strategy
By Dr. Paul J. Bolt, Department of Political Science USAFA, and Adam K. Gray, 2007
Rethinking American Strategy in Central Asia
By Maj Jonathan Dunn, US Army, 2007
Missile Defense and Poland's Transatlantic Relationship
By Dr. David H. Sacko, Department of Political Science USAFA, 2007
Rapid Urban Settlement, Violence, and the Democratizing State
By Lt Col Joseph L. Derdzinski, Department of Political Science USAFA, 2006
Constructing "The Other": Ethno-religious Identity In Separatist Movements In Southeast Asia
By Capt Robin L. Bowman, Department of Political Science USAFA, 2005
Developing Alliances Through Regional Defense Environmental Cooperation
By Dr. James B. Pocock Department of Chemistry USAFA, and Kathleen M. Smits, 2005
Changing Security Dynamics in Africa, Sources of Conflict, and US Strategy
By Dr. Stephen F. Burgess, Department of International Security, Air War College, 2005

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