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The Institute for National Security Studies was created by the Air Staff in 1992 as a cost-effective way to use the military community’s academic expertise and receive a better return on the Air Force’s research investment. INSS’ primary sponsor is the Strategic Security Directorate on the Air Staff (HQ USAF/A5X). INSS is also supported by a number of other sponsor organizations that currently include the Secretary of Defense’s Office of Net Assessment, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, United States Northern Command, the Air Force Information Warfare Center, the Army Environmental Policy Institute, the Army Foreign Military Studies Office, the United States Military Academy Combating Terrorism Center, and other organizations. Through FY06, INSS contributed almost $3 million to support more than 1300 researchers working on over 950 projects.



Located at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, INSS serves as a locus for research related to security studies, emphasizing topics in the fields of strategic security, international treaties and agreements, and combating proliferation; homeland defense and combating terrorism; regional and emerging issues; air and space issues and planning; and information operations and warfare. In addition to its research efforts, the Institute conducts a broad range of other activities, including workshop organization, curricula development, and scholarly publications. Each year INSS invites our top researchers to present their findings to interested sponsor organizations. INSS presents two awards to our top researchers each year: our top researcher overall receives the Linhard Award (named after the late Major General Robert E. Linhard of the Air Staff, a great supporter of INSS), and the Outstanding Academy Researcher Award goes to the top researcher from the USAF Academy. Several of our best research products from each year are published as INSS Occasional Papers and as articles in many journals. Recently published Occasional Papers include: #58, Troy Thomas and William Casebeer, Turbulent Arena: Global Effects against Non-State Adversaries; #59, Peter Ford, Israel’s Attack on Osiraq: A Model for Future Preventive Strikes?; #60, David Meteyer, The Art of Peace: Dissuading China from Developing Counter-Space Weapons; #61, Helen Purkitt, Biowarfare Lessons, Emerging Biosecurity Issues, and Ways to Monitor Dual-Use Biotechnology Trends in the Future; #62, Michael Wheeler, International Security Negotiations: Lessons Learned from Negotiating with the Russians on Nuclear Arms; and #63, Maxie Thom, Information Warfare Arms Control: Risks and Costs. INSS Staff publications included: William Thomas, “Outthinking the AIF,” Strategic Insights, January 2005; James Smith, “Strategic Leader Development and the Air War College,” in Educating Strategic Leaders in an Age of Uncertainty, Smith-Richardson, 2005; James Smith, “Educating International Security Practitioners: The Role of Research Centers and Outreach Programs,” in American Defense Policy (8th Edition), Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005; and James Smith, “Terrorism and Deterrence by Denial,” in Homeland Security: The Strategic Quest, Lynne Rienner, 2006.


Mission Statement

The mission of the USAF Institute for National Security Studies is to promote national security policy research for the Department of Defense within the military academic community, to foster the development of strategic perspective within the United States armed forces, and to support national security discourse through education and outreach.

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INSS Sponsors and Partners


AF Center For Intelligence Analysis Studies

AF Center For Language and Culture

AF Information Warfare Center

Army Environmental Policy Institute

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Foreign Military Studies Office

HQ AF/A5XP (Strategic Plans and Policy Division)

NDU Center For Study Of WMD

NPS Center For Contemporary Conflict

OSD Office of Net Assessment

US Military Academy Combating Terrorism Center

US Northern Command/J7


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For more information about the Institute or how to apply for INSS sponsorship, contact:
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