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Technical Reports

Google Pilot / WEdge Viewer, Andrew Berry, July 2009.

Rewriting History:  Historical Research with the Digital Pen, Marshall, Molly and . Lauren Scharff, Ph.D., October 2009.

The Library of the Future
Dr. Aaron Byerley and The Library of the Future Committee, May 2009.

From Tootsie Rolls to Composites:  Assessing a Spectrum of Active learning Activities in Engineering Mechanics
Jensen, Daniel, Dr., May 2009.

Collaborative Tool for Command and Control Team Effectiveness Studies
Tossell, Chad and Gary Serfoss, November 2008.

Automated Vehicle Location Using Global Positioning Systems for First Responders
Portillo, Daniel, February 2008.

Operating an Unmanned Aerial System from a Moving Platform
Antonov, Guennadi S., Mark C. Domongala, and Wesley A. Olson, November 2007.

Advanced Usability Evaluation Methods
Andre, Terence S. and Margaret Schurig, April 2007.

USAFA Faculty Homepage
Hadfield, Steven, March 2007.

Controlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles During Crisis Response
Sward, Ricky E. and Stephen D. Cooper, November 2006.

USAFA Cadet Homepage
Hadfield, Steven, January 2005.

A Comparative Usability and End-User Satisfaction Analysis of Two Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications
Barner, Mark E., March 2006.

An Investigation of GeoBase Mission Data Set Design, Implementation, and Usage within Air Force Civil Engineer Electrical and Utilities Work Centers
Loeber, Paul C., March 2005.

Cross-Service Investigation of Geographical Information Systems
Matthew H. Beverly, March 2004.

Investigation of GeoBase Implementation Issues:  Case Study of Information Resource Management
Mario L. Oliver, March 2004.  

The Impact of the DoD Mobile Code Policy on Advanced Distributed Learning, Web-based Distance Learning and Other Educational Missions
Halloran, Margaret E., Jerry West, Gina Briggs, Moses Kamai, Karen Keefer, Jim Nugent, Leslie McDade Morrison, Marty Salyars, Neal and Susan Zukerman, August 200l.

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