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A Situational Awareness Tool for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Sward, Ricky E., Stephen D. Cooper and Clint H. Sparkman, August 2005.

Developing a Digital Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
Andre, Terence S., July 2005.

A Collaboration Network for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operation, Research and Education
White, Al, May 2005.    

North American Bird Strike Advisory System:  Strategic Plan
DeFusco, Russell P., Michel J. Hovan, James T. Harper, Kurt A. Heppard, April 2005.

Modeling Violent Non-State Actors:  A Summary of Concepts and Methods
Bartolomei, Jason, William Casebeer, Troy Thomas, November 2004.

The Daily Knowledge "Vitamin": A Development Guide
Supinski, Stanley B., January 2003.

Air Force Digital Technical Orders: Technologies and Applications for the Future
Fiebig, Ellen M. and Anthony S. Martinez, December 2002.

Electronic Flight Bag
Fitzsimmons, Fredric S., August 2002.

Evaluation of Web-based Course Management Software from Faculty and Student User -Centered Perspectives
(Phase I of the USAFA Cadet Personalized Educational Portal Project)
Halloran, Margaret E. (Peg), November 2001.

A Comparison of the Usability of Notebook and Desktop Computers at the United States Air Force Academy
Marie A. Revak, Margaret (Peg) Halloran, James C. Miller, October 2001 (revised).

Language Maintenance At a Distance: The Daily Russian 'Vitamin'
Valentine, Susan M; Supinski, Stanley B. and Richard L. Sutherland, April 2001.

OPS TEST: Operational Testing and Evaluation Support Tool
Hadfield, Steven M., July 2000.

Volume 1:  Concepts and Capabilities
Volume 2:  Administrator's Manual
Volume 3:  Test Taker's Manual

When Multimedia Doesn't Work: An Assessment of Visualization Modules for Learning Enhancement in Mechanics  
Bowe, Martin, Dan Jensen, John Feland, and Brian Self, June 2000.

Russian Language Development and Maintenance At a Distance: Methodology and Technology
Supinski, Stanley B.; Sutherland, Richard L.; and Susan M. Valentine, December 1999.

Cadet Personalized Educational Gateway: Design and Evaluation of the User Interface
Halloran, Margaret E. (Peg), October 1999.

Computer Network Attack and the use of Force in International Law:  Thoughts on Normative Framework
Schmitt, Michael N., July 1999.

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