Research Centers
Proposal Submission
Air Force Reserve
Technical Reports

AIT and Satellite Tracking of Air Dropped Cargo

Warfighter's Edge-WEdge

Joint Installation Picture for Command and Control- JIP4C2

Scholarship of Learning and Teaching-SoTL
 Teaching and Assessing Respect for Human Dignity
    Application of a Critical Thinking Model to Behavioral Sciences
    Using Online Video Pre-flights to Enhance Performance
    Metacognitive reflection on student performance
    Service Learning in a Field Setting
    Impact of Learning Contracts on Academic Performance
    Use of Point Incentives for Pre-class Assignments
    Investigation of E-reader Devices in Academia
    Increase in concept understanding and problem solving in physics by mapping big ideas?
    Impact of New Critical Thinking Resources in Course Design
    Critical Thinking Development
    Visualization and Application of Math Concepts
    Teaching Multicultural Texts:  Exploring the LIST Paradigm
    Teaching Multicultural Texts: Using the LIST Paradigm in Spanish and Portuguese


Center for Cadet IT research-C4CTR
Digital Signage
Arnold Hall

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